Hold On, Hold Tight

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Jessica L

oh, i love this! it would be awesome on sooo many different colors, too!

jarednickerson profile pic Alumni

Yep its definetly her :) I couldnt get away from using that image, it was beautiful.


bortwein: I don't see why you're so concerned. I didn't read anything in the site rules that says you're limited to posting tee shirt designs on Threadless exclusively. I fail to see why he shouldn't sell as many of his designs on as many different websites as he wanted. I thought the whole part of being an artist was to expose as many people to it as possible.

briancook profile pic Alumni

Read the terms of agreement. Threadless has exclusivity until 90 days after scoring I believe. They want to print an original design, not something that can be purchased elsewhere.

jarednickerson profile pic Alumni

Yeah Chenqui "if" it wins then obviously I'd remove it from the other site. I do appreciate the heads up though.

jarednickerson profile pic Alumni

Actually good call, I'll remove it now to be safe, thanks.


i love it but i dont think that it works well on the t-shirt, maybe you should add a yellow to the hair and make it gradient so it still blends into the t-shirt? otherwise i would definately buy one :)


cool idea! maybe add a few highlights in the hair, but I like how it uses the shirt color as the base.


awesome design. That yellow isn't so great though. Other colors please....


I'd love it on other colours, not so much yellow...and yep definitely put some highlights into the hair

Cool image though!


the hair and sketchy lines really make this design.


so i presume you have the permission of Chan Marshall & the photographer?
nice style, but you can't just go around tracing other people's photos, without their, or their subjects permission.

jarednickerson profile pic Alumni

Nomad, there have been numerous tshirts that have won on Threadless that have used refernce photos like I have. Also there have been a number that have just converted an image into a halftone and used that. Mine wasn't "traced over" but in fact was used for reference and is very similar to the original. I fail to see where you are going with your statement, sorry but thank you for the support.


I would buy it.

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