Lil' Southern Belle

I enjoy steamboats.

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i enjoy your steamboat


this is awesome. i would definitely buy it!

The Diggler

I really like the look and feel of this one. Not sure it is intricate enough for the audience here but I really like it. Deffo something I would wear. 5$


Not sure it is intricate enough for the audience here


It looks nice, probably would look better on another t-shirt color that highlights the design a bit more. It looks too light all around...with more definition from the background would look better in my opinion. Nice design tho.


I think it's great, and I don't even have a preference for steamboats.


Aaaw what an adorable boat!

I agree that a darker colour would do much to highlight the white in the design better. I think I'd also prefer it without the flag, it doesn't seem to add much and I'm not really a fan of wearing any country's flag.


I like it. It totally reminds me of Ed Emberley's work.


I think Diggler has it right, i like the idea but the steamboat doesn't seem "intricate" enough, may just make it look a bit less blocky and you'd have me sold


Lovely combination of the colors,

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