we will miss you

in 2008, polaroid announced they will no longer be making instant film. with that announcement, a little piece of every hipster died.

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in 2008, polaroid announced they will no longer be making instant film. with that announcement, a little piece of every hipster died.


that really makes me sad:(

The Diggler

Yeah, I definitely prefer my version!!!!!!


thats funny we both had basically the same idea. i didn't see yours before, though. i actually submitted a different design first (about 2 weeks ago), but it was denied. so its weird we both submitted something just about the same time.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

it's not that weird, it was in the news recently so it's certainly acceptable that more than one person has the idea and i didn't post the link to accuse you of plagiarism of course i just wanted to let you know there was something done like this.

it definitely needs more work though if you plan on resubmitting it though


nice design. I've actually heard that another company will continue to make the polaroid stuff, so don't be too sad!


I prefer this design than that other one ^_^ Nice idea.


ahhhhhhhhhhhh im stocking up already and i want this shirt


I like this one better, it seems a little more Threadless-ish because of the basic colors that make it almost cartoonish...

Rereading that, I'm not sure it made any sense. Sorry.


the other one is way better sorry this just isn't that interesting


Another person who doesn't understand what it actually means for a monopoly to dissolve its stranglehold on a product. Good job brah.


I would buy three of these $15...



what a retarded thing to say.

but i do like the design.



I love it!!! Great idea!!! It is awesome because it tells a TRUE story in a creative way!!!

pete b

I really don't like the "live -trace" look of the camera. It's a feature that should be deleted from fututre versions of illustrator I think. It makes for lazy designs.


I think the layout and idea of this one (the RIP on the photo) is better, but the other design has the better execution. You folks need to collaborate!

un nude

great colors, simple message....instant foto gratification....miss it..


Brilliant. Us in our photo lab here have all been mourning polaroid. I would buy this, and so would most people here.


i want to add something about the live trace.. i am not very good with illustrator and i TRIED to do it, for a long time, without live trace. if anyone out there wants to collab and make something cool like this, send me a message! thanks for all the people that like it though!

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