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Broken Heart

A Broken heart....5 Colours....

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A Broken heart....5 Colours....


Help?? what can i do to make this 1 better ??


hmmm....I like the graphic, but I'm not sure if I entirely "get" the concept. Does it imply mending a broken heart or actually breaking the heart? I think it's the latter, considering the nail is wedged between both sides of the heart, but I think it could be less ambiguous... ie, "heart breaker" in print at the bottom or back. Or maybe that's me being really oblivious to clearly defined ideas... Good luck!


i disagree. the message is totally clear. i would like to see more modeling on the hammer and nail.


The hammer and nail need a lot more work. Also, with the position that the hammer's in right now it's not going to be actually striking the nail.

You should probably also replace the nail with a wedge of some kind.

Mountain Gnome

Idea is OK, but not original, the hammer needs to be positioned to hit the nail and the hammer needs to be less flat.


The hammer has some depth, but needs more shadows, especially on the hammering end of the head. The heart and nail are completely flat, too. Shadows and highlights are your friends! :)

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