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Dammit. I had NO idea about that Gary Larson one. I apologize for that. Definitely not my intent.


workerdrone, people on this site throw around the word plagiarism way too often. sometimes, people just think up the same thing and it is completely unintentional, so why not check the attitude next time? the rudeness and snobbery of people on this site are making it harder and harder to come back.


Agreed Spoonfull. Nice Shirt! Keep up the good work.


Why are people so willing to assume the worst about other folks? This is like Elaine's idea for the New Yorker cartoon on Seinfeld...she didn't know it was originally a Ziggy cartoon! Chill, dude.


Gary Larson copy... PLUS polar bears don't live in Antarctica, only the Arctic.


why does it matter where polar bears live??? who really cares?

i think its cute and well done.


I don't like the change in outline thickness from penguin to polar bear. Also, the penguins look too similar to each other, maybe you could show some of them in different positions rather than just size changes. Not a bad attempt though :)


my god, it looks just like the other crap ppl submit around here.


I always go a little crazy over people pairing polar bears and penguins. Wrong pole!


Love it. No one cares whether or not polar bears live with penguins, it's cute.


Try it with a seal, they actually eat peguins and it's not too close to the far side comic. That'll put both gripes to rest and people will find other stuff to complain about.

For the record I wouldn't mind having the idea in shirt form as long as it doesn't skirt copyright issues.


You should have the mask father out from his face. . . It would be funny to have the mask sitting right against his nose, so we are seeing the whole polar bears face, like a flat mask.


How come some people are such sticklers for Polar bears being amongst penguins on t-shirts?

And yet have no problem with a polar bear somehow fashioning and colouring a penguin mask, then creating some form of rudimentary elasticated binding with which to fasten it to his face - all using nought but the limited resources which his environment offers - before somehow managing to tie the knots neccessary to attach the elastic to the edges of the mask, a feat made all the more difficult due to the lack of thumbs and big cumbersome polar bear paws?

Unless or course you're assuming he or she just went and bought it ready-made from a local store or something, in which case I entirely retract my question.


ahahaha very good point sideshowrobnimble and quite comical at that :)


I don't think Gary Larson would care really about the plagiarism, but I thinks it's a valid thing to point out. Free speech and all.

As far as polar bears and penguins, it's pretty clear some will care and others won't. If people are gonna get picky over the right background color of a shirt then we shouldn't be surprised about complaints over biological accuracy.

Personally, the emperor penguin patterning is not quite correct :) I used to be a biologist.


I really like the concept, but I'm not sold on the illustration yet.

Pink Shadow

This is really cute. $5


Screw the naysayers, I like it. Realism isn't for t-shirt design.


Good idea, terrible execution.


I love how pretentious t-shirt shopping has become.


The concept is cool, although the reason that people are making a big deal about how polar bears occur in the Arctic or northern hemisphere while all 17 species of penguins evolved in the southern hemisphere, is because that would mean that Polar Bears don't eat Penguins. It sounds logical, although we all know the real reason polar bears don't eat penguins has nothing to do with logistics... it's because their paws are too big to get the wrappers off.

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heh funny. looks real good on the model in light blue shirt!


not everyone knows what they are talking about, over all you did a great job keep it up =]

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