Ode to Film Noir

2 colours on a black tee.

This is an ode to the black and white Film Noir movies.

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2 colours on a black tee.

This is an ode to the black and white Film Noir movies.


my god im in love 5$ all the way


nice $5

tracerbullet profile pic Alumni

i think her chest looks awkward


i love squishey balloons!




also the underwear ruins the "sexy" appeal.


I really want to like this one, but it just feels like a not so good take on Frank Miller art.


Love the concept, not a huge fan of the execution.


mm her chest takes away from it, because they tend to draw people's eyes
other than that it's good
but because of the breasts i wouldnt wear it
5$ tho

moosabman profile pic Alumni

also the smoke kind of makes her look like she has a huge fro or something on the full size.




its too cartoony to be sexy at all. the boobs are awkward but the whole picture looks awkward. not great execution, but it is a good concept. needs more work.

smelly lotus

everyone can see that the boobs are being pressed by the arms!

I Love it! i would buy it, because everything is "censored" (boobs and underwear) 5$!!!


I don't think it serves as an ode to film noir. I've never seen a black and white noir with that level of gratuitousness. These movies were made in the 40s and 50s remember. The thing with the women of film noir was that they were either unattainable or else they would destroy you. This girl looks too naive to be naked. The sexuality was never this overt in the black and white days. They have modern crap like Body Heat but that's colour. This looks more like what someone who's seen Sin City thinks noir movies were like.


black and white, High Contrast. i think there are enough ingredients for a film noir design. And you should check the internet again because...there were a lot of (sexy) Femme fatale and they smoke a lot in those movies. That's what i think


wow. i dont think a girl would want to wear this unless their a lesbian. no offense =/


It begs the question: What would Amy Winehouse do?


I think you missed the point of squatterjohn's comment. Yeah, there were lots of sexy smoking women in film noir. No, they weren't in underwear. Do some quick Google Images research - the only near-naked women I can find are contemporary calendars and photographers who think “black and white” = “film noir”.

You can do what you like of course but all I see is a design that’s not as good as Frank Miller.


This is prett awesome, dude. I'd buy it. XD
5$ fo sho.


Chest is def. awkward - and her face is a little cartoony considering the realism of her body shape. But I love the concept.

And I'm a straight girl and I might wear it.


Kinda cool idea but the smoke trail makes it look like she has huge afro. Not that that's a bad thing.


Excellent use of shadow. It makes you stop and think about it for a second.


Nice idea, but the black shadow underneath her left arm flattens out her boob and looks a little awkward. Is she wearing a vest?


lol at nishtim's comment, u have ruined it now. all i see is afro


yes she is wearing a vest.


I have to agree that this is not an ode to film noir. It is a bit risque for the era that you are trying to convey.

I love the concept, however, because of the 'clothing' she is wearing i am not fond of the shirt.


the way the smoke is curved it sort of looks like she has a big afro, is that on purpose? It works for me...


luv it 5$


i would totally wear it, $5.
love it.

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