frisbee catch

This is a design that can work in pretty much any color tee. Enjoy!

Watch this

This is a design that can work in pretty much any color tee. Enjoy!


I have a Blue Healer thats crazy for frisbees, how can i not vote for this.


love it!!!


sweet, it's da ultimate!
I'll get one!

briancook profile pic Alumni

Doesn't look quite like a real jump to be. The body seems to stiff, I think you need a reference.


I want one of those!


Well, to answer Chengui’s point, it’s actually a shortened sequence of an animation I’ve done, and he does jump ;)


i think what Chengui means is the drastic jump from the 3rd to 4th dog.. i think you could take out the 1st walking dog, move the 2nd and 3rd one to the left and add another dog to link the 3rd and 4th dogs! this way it will flow better.


Ah, got ya, I see your point. The original animation has more frames, just could not fit them all in ;)


i'm agree with ClareW - i love it also!
you're poopies are so qute, what are there names are?
it's amasingly, how you was able to sync up all six so perfectely - they must very properly trained.
i'm think, poopies is my favorite animal.


ahhh i have a westie and their profiles look exactly alike! i agree with EricDiaz i think it would look better than way, i hope this prints i want it. $5 definitely

Design by Lars

Work a little bit more on the animation sequence and it's there. I do like it!


Now if I can get my dog to do that. Nice 1.


down to one more day! let see what happens...
thanks all for your comments and support :)

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