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me wants. me wants NOW. i hope they have one of "just a friend" by Biz Markie. he's my idol.


it's great what used to be considered "tiny". and "hits"


Aw man, those are so sweet!

staffell profile pic Alumni

oh god


I wanted one then and I still want one now. tiny players big hitz

spacesick 2

hehe. my babysitter's kid had one of those

I also remember these like transforming cassettes and cassette players that turned into other stuff a kid could use... maybe they were mcdonald's toys... or maybe I'm making them up

I wish charles festa was around to help!

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

OMG I had one!

hahah i still have it....i have Jenny 867 5309 and fuckinnnnnn johnny be good

spacesick 2

yes, you skeezy perv!


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