• by aled
  • posted Feb 25, 2008

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ha! love it. great illustration with a purpose.

zipperking profile pic Alumni

haha! big please


Brilliant. I'd normally say no to toilet designs, but this is great. I like the hieroglyphic graffiti. The colors you used for the mummy are great, especially that blue glow highlight and the mottling. $5

olie! profile pic Alumni

nice one! Lovin' the strands down by his legs like pants =D


I lke it, the smaller version is better I think


Awesome to the extreme!


It's your best work!

Fraggin' 5!

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

turned out extremely well! another print for you I'd say, and a well deserved one at that.


wow, this is already up?!

great job dude, instant classic


glad you submited! looks really good! 5$

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

Big Print. Great illustration.

Simon Cowell

Brilliant once again! You just continue to pump out hit after hit. You're a true Threadless Idol!!!!


I can't stop looking at this. All the little details you added -- like the shreds of paper glued to the empty roll, the way his wraps are dropped down around his ankles like pants, the way you gave him a facial expression when he doesn't even really have a face, how his glowing eyes are looking down at the linen in his hand, resigned to what must be done - those little touches make this design much more than just a toilet joke. It's really amazing. And again, the colors and textures you used for the mummy are just beautiful.


i like the big print.


Brilliant - though i wouldn't want to go in there when he's done... all that rich, fatty food pharaohs eat, along with an ancient gut? I'd give it 5 minutes...

Fatheed, you need to do Glennz-type prints of any designs threadless ain't picking up... I'm not sure if i want to wear this, or hang a print of it in my own bathroom


ehehe, gross and awesome

jublin profile pic Alumni

the choice of colors are brilliant! brilliant i say! and nice little texture you've got going on. To be honest the wonky angle isn't really doing it for me. The straight lines in the tiles and wall corners kind of throws me off. It doesn't seem to fit too well with the rest of the image. I don't mean to be a punk i know this is a sub and not a critique, but i thought i'd just throw that out there. Still a 5 from me of course.

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

your best in ages, looks like a print to me

congrats aled


Seven-hundred has a good idea about doing prints of designs that aren't picked up. (I would love to hang a print of this in my bathroom!)

wotto profile pic Alumni

I like this but I wouldn't personally wear it. I have 5ed it however, cos your use of colour, lighting and attention to detail is fucking amazing. Good job Aled. I see ur next print before my eyes.


lol, super funny $5


Sweet, its up. I really like huge prints but I think this one just might work better with the small one. Its all good anyway. $5.


ooo it up! already told u i luv it and i like it bigger on the shirt...shart...i think that mummy sharted.

dacat profile pic Alumni

Love the shading and coloring you got going on there! 5


This is the best sub I've seen all month. I've given so many zeros I for got what good subs looked like.


this is your best work.
im not kidding.
it looks amazing


snicker giggle this is great!!

Montro profile pic Alumni

Your work is flawless. Top designer on this site IMO
Obvious 5$

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