The blogs are cluttered!

How do I make it so the blogs are less cluttered? I hit "blogs" and i get critiques and submissions too, it's crowded and I dont know how to keep it so every time i hit refresh it's just blogs.

Watch this

custom filter maybe?

inhale exhale

yea i dont know how to do that.


(click the grey tab next to "Everything" that says "Blogs")

inhale exhale

yea but every time i read a post and hit "blog forum" its still all cluttered. I guess I have to hit "blogs" every time huh?


I suppose you do have to click on "Blogs" everyime, but I guess that's fine if you dislike the clutter of things other than blogs.

I needn't use the word 'blog' twice in that sentence.

inhale exhale

I'm not special, it used to be that everytime I logged in it was automatically on the blogs section not the everything section. But i'm not on the same computer and it wont stay in the blogs section for me. weird!


you can change it in your "edit profile" options to open up to the blogs whenever you log in


nice mask. are you a superhero by night?

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