Are you more of a spring or an autumn dreamer? Or just plain blue?

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cool illustration, nice work

beesneak profile pic Alumni

unless this is really V&V using another account, I feel this illustration is just too similar to her unique style. props on the quality though.


it's great!! I love it :)


yes its finally up...i loved it in critiques and even more now 5$


this is great! loving it on the green.


the green! :D

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Thanks for all the comments! I just wanted to quickly address the V & V comparison because it came up in critique briefly too. I realize we have a similar style - love of lines and patterns and the need to tell some kind of story. I'd say she's more Gorey and I'm more Moers, but whatever. If I start drawing animals with incredible pointy fur patterns (Topiary = Gorgeous) then please slap me upside the head, but otherwise, please try to see the work for itself. There are plenty of people who love detailed line art, I'm one of them. And V & V is one of the best of them, no question.

Right. Carry on...

dacat profile pic Alumni

Thanks for explaining, it's very beautiful $5


this is stinking awesome! $5

shar star

Nice work, love the line art.


love it on the green with the larger placement. $5

quister profile pic Alumni

Very cool using smoke puffs to form the dream instead of the usual bubbles. Great narrative beautifully rendered, looks great on the shirt. $5


very cool stuff actually. $5


ace! i totally love it! i want one!

playing in the rain
playing in the rain profile pic Alumni

I'm sorry but this looks too much like valor and vellum's style. You can love lines and patterns with out having it look the same. Even the use of colors are the same. The man reminds me of the man rowing in "Sailing The High Trees". I'm not saying it's the exact same, but it looks like it was based of that design. I do think you can draw, and it would be nice to see you put some kind of twist or something new into your designs.

Now i'll listen to the flood of people disagree with me.


I disagree with you. There's room for designs of the same style, just like Glennz has inspired many to do similar witty vector work.

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

I think a lot of people will probably agree with you - the Threadless community seems to be very protective of its popular artists, and I realize I'm pretty new here and haven't shown a large body of work that defines my style. I did think of not submitting this design until later because I had a feeling people would cry V&V (mostly because of the crazy patterning and the fact that it's a tree and a man in a cap - albeit a very different tree and story idea altogether)but I love the concept of this image and the way it turned out - so here it is. It'd be nice if this didn't have to turn into a debate about how much of the style is too similar or not. I'll be submitting more stuff, and hopefully people will get how my designs fit into my world and not see them solely as references to someone else's.

Chris Carney

Good artists will aways be influence by other good artists and vices verses. As for stealing someones style that can only be judged over a period of time rather than over one or two works


This reminds me of something I cannot out my finger on. It makes me feel nice and at home.
It is ture, no idea is original and yes, ALL artists influence eachother.
Excellent work, I tip my hat to you.


Playing in the Rain....by your standards, you owe Wullagaru an apology.

Anyhow, I like this. Especially the sneaky sheep at the top.

playing in the rain
playing in the rain profile pic Alumni

While although I still think it's very similar, people are true in saying that artists influence each other. I have been influenced by other artists, Wullagaru not being one of them WarDrobeInSpareOom, but also my friends and teachers who give critical feed back. I've seen several submissions look similar to Valor and Vellum. I'm not saying your a thief, but what i meant by my last sentence in my first statement was to make it your own. People are influenced by other artists, they make it their own in some way. Add their own personal touch. I would like to more designs from you because DO use V&V to inspire you to create some killer work, while still being original.


this is smart & cool texture


this is great!

littleclyde profile pic Alumni

Playing in the Rain, I appreciate you being open to discussion. I just wanted to make the point that I do have my own personal style(developed over time with lots of different influences, none of them Threadless related, believe it or not) - it may just be difficult to see when I've only submitted two designs so far, and I hope that it becomes more obvious to people when there are more pieces up for voting. I've been doodling and drawing since I could pick up a pen, and this is where it's led me. I just think that whenever something comes up here with lots of texture/pattern, it's kind of reflexive to compare it to V&V because it's such an integral part of her work, and she does a great job with it. But the use of pattern has been done by many artists, and I know exactly where my love for it comes from (including a shoe with a herringbone pattern that I've been obsessing over - the pattern, not the shoe - for a while). I think that without the overwhelming amount of texture in this image, the comparison wouldn't really register (see my first submission - not very V & V-like, yet totally congruent with the world of this sub. oh, and with stupid swirls too).

Anyway, I'll shut up now... Thanks for all the feedback, keep it coming!


this is awesome!! 5$ I'd definitely sport this if it gets printed!

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

It's evocative of V&V's style, but I think it has enough unique elements to stand on it's own. The concept is really cool, original and beautifully executed. You obviously have lots of talent and I look forward to seeing more of your work to get a better feeling of your style. 5$


gorgeous. i want it soon.$5




Lovely design.
I'll totally buy if it wins.
5 for sure!


this is fantastic...this kid has a great eye....

Ms. Junior

I actually like the blue/gray shirt better, but I love your design and I love sheep.


it's well done! really well done! but I'm not too sure if the shephard needs to be in the dream tree.....but man impressed this is good work!


Great illustration. I can't decide what color is my fav. I think it's green. $5


Very 60's, or 70's? I don't know now. I preffer the olive background.

Chris Carney

..It reminds me of an illustration for a story on jackanory


i love it on the green! $5

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