okay so i'm going to be 150% honest here

I don't fit in here at all anymore, and i know this. I don't even buy the shirts, I hold on to my account because i have a hard time of letting go of ANYTHING and me being the sappy person that i am i'm like "awe i made that account when i was like 16!" so i really dont think i even have the right to come on here and blog anymore because i only do it because it reminds me of high school or something lame like that. i'm sorry, and i really think that it's time for me to leave this place.

but i really like a lot of you and i think you should know that. You all know who you are, the ones that are totally completely awesome, but on the other hand there are a lot of people old and new on here that i cant stand. because people have gotten so cocky.

i fully understand i've been sort of bitchy lately but i've just been like debating deleting or not and it's bugging me how some people on this site have been acting.

gahhhh i dont really know what im getting at.

basically, it's been fun guys. REALLLY FUN!!!

Watch this
ir0cko profile pic Alumni

oh no :(


goddamnit this always happens.

i'm like set to delete my account and get a real life and someone awesome makes a comment and i can't bring myself to do it.


Yeah, I hear you. I mean, I'd rather not see you go but I could understand it if you did. :/


you've added me on facebook am i right?


Um, were you asking me, Emily?


Oh, she's already gone.


yeah i commented and then she was gonnnnne!


that saddens me. :(

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emily :(

MeLa de Gypsie

is there a way we can still keep in touch with her? like on AIM or MSN or something like that?


she has facebook, amelia.


well emily, pending that you come back here and read the comments...i like having you be a part of the community and i hope you come back some time. i often think about the night i posted a ton of gilmore girls pictures in your blog and i don't remember why. and then we talked on the phone and your voice was so different than i imagined. none of it matters that you don't consider yourself an active participant anymore. you've got the shirts and you are already a threadless personality whether you realize it or not. thanks for always saying what you think and i wish you the best.

Andreas Mohacsy
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judging by your name you preempted this the day you joined:P


I feel almost exactly the same way... I was never that tied to here, but now I only really visit cause it's easier to read this than do my work.




This ain't fair. You were awesome, Emily.

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Aw, Emily (if you come back to check), I'm sad to see this! But I understand.... also, someday you'll get a surprise package! I'll just have to find a way to double-check your address before I send it!


i know exactly what you mean...


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remember when we were bunnies in the park?

let's do that again!


once a threadless member, always a threadless member

good luck!


Wouldn't it be funny if in real life (meaning outside the blogs), we made these dramatic speeches whenever we wanted to leave? "Goodbye grocery store, things aren't the same as they used to be..."


Anyway, I have a feeling she will be back :)


awww emily :(


..but they do post twice when they feel strongly about something

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bunnies dont leave other bunnies to get shot by hunters!

emilyyyyyyyyy come back!


so very true and very sad..

The best thing to do is not to comment or read cocky people's blogs. Don't leave cause of it...


why do people feel the need to delete their accounts when they want a threadless break, even for an extended period? just don't log in and you can always back if you ever want to, even in years ... sigh

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come backkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

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don't worry, i hate the blogs too, i'm just here for the banter



yall just wanna be loved huh?


awwwwwwwwwi know how you feel.

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