Please don't do this!!!

  • by bjbradley
  • posted Feb 18, 2008
Watch this

Agreed--I'd really like Attack of the Literacy to get printed and spread joy. D:


Both this:

and this:

were printed, so I don't think it'd be that much of an issue. I think, rather, it's explained in the comments towards the bottom of the original sub for this:

Specifically, the comments from Jan. 31 and Feb. 13...


That may lead to my first purchase @ DBH.

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hey they had 2 Napoleon designs in back to back weeks so anything is possible.

but if it's up for voting there safe to say it's not printing here.


That may lead to my first purchase @ DBH.

Same here.

Ah well, Threadless can't have a monopoly on all the awesomest designs.

vinnylo looks like he could of got the idea from this but drew it differently. i still luv the shirt tho!


umm isn't the point of this tshirt that its supposed to look like those old pulp comics, but done up in a more modern way? did you really think that the poster thought he invented the pulp magazine style? this is a great design, and is in no way "copied" from the picture you posted


it can't get printed. it's been submitted at designbyhumans and they own the copyright for 60 days after it enters their archives whether it's printed or not. If it gets printed by them, they own the design outright.

this design is disqualified here, legally.


Pussy, do you read anything before you post?

Just wondering...


no i don't so fuck off and suck my cunt!


This design isn't that original and I really don't see it was chosen to print.


oh, i like it alright. cool shirt.

just sayin. or braggin, i guess. soon's i saw it, i knew where it came from. octopi are cool

so are pulp covers -- there are LOTS of potential tshirts on that particular website. get em while theyre fresh.

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