Announcing new sizes, new colors and new prices!

  • by the ThreadStaff
  • posted Feb 18, 2008

Hey there, buck-a-roos! We've got some exciting news! The wait is finally over, and we're now printing new designs EXCLUSIVELY on our own brand of tees! This news comes with the news of new sizes, new colors, and new prices! Let's jump right in!

We're now offering FOUR new sizes for all of the Threadless brand tees: XS in guys and girly tees, 2XL in girly tees, and 3XL in guys tees! Oh yeah! We'll also be rolling out new colors over the next few months, which are already available in the submission template for all the designers to jam on! Also, now that we're using our own tees, take a peek at our brand-spankin' new size chart page to see how this may or may not affect your size!

As of today, prices will be dependent on what's on the tee, starting at $15! As seen on each new product page, the printing and decoration techniques and processes are now detailed to help illustrate how price is determined. This means that Selects will not automatically be $25 and the regular tees will not automatically be $15 and $17. And now the ladies won't have to feel slighted either! Guys and girly tees are now equally priced!

All of the above tee changes apply ONLY to the new Threadless brand tees, which we are now using exclusively for new designs! As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts and concerns on all of these new changes.

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hey thats awesome bout exclusive threadless shirts, but it would be cool if you guys could keep prices low :P i understand your a company that needs to make a profit but its just that after shipping and tax 15 makes it reasonable for us canadians to buy. hope u consider. but keep up the great shirts!

danrule profile pic Alumni

hey sweet, the ketchup/mustard select is cheaper now. This structure makes more sense, and now I will actually buy regular prints now that they're on the custom tees.


i'll be watching the blogs to see how the new sizes fit after washing


i fully understand the new pricing. We do the same thing at the company I work for... But then no one ever wants specialty inks.

want glitter on your shirt? pay up bitch.



btw the new sizing is a great step, thanks!

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

hooray! i'm so glad about new sizes

skaw profile pic Staff

also keep in mind that the quality fabric, etc of our new cut is far superior to FOTL and therefore it costs us a bit more than FOTL did - more along the lines of AA pricing. by still starting the pricing at $15 and working up from there based on print techniques and such we've reached a pretty solid compromise in keeping our pricing reasonable and improving the quality of our products.


The girly 2XL tees are STILL smaller than guy's medium! What the hell!

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

I'll happily pay a bit extra for the better fit.

whisper in water

I'll happily pay a bit extra for the better fit.


I'm really happy about all this :)

pyr4lis profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the update. I love almost all of this weeks prints, and the pricing doesn't bother me (now I just need to find another freelance job so I can buy them hehe)

My only wierdness is on the sizes.. I wore AA Girly Mediums and ordered a Threadless Girls Medium and it was too small.. I ordered a Threadless Girls Large and that fit like my AA Mediums... so I dunno if I got a freak run or if the threadless sizes actually run a full size smaller than the AA's so I will always have to order a size up??

Manos profile pic Alumni

bog off FOTL!!!


Are the printed tags still printed inside the back of the neck? You guys had said something about putting them on the inside of the bottom hem eventually.


Maybe if there are new colors you guys will actually start using good colors. :O


the tags we saw were at the back of the neck


what are the new colours?


there are still a lot of ppl who would like to know more about where the new shirts are made.

are the hoodies the same brand?


minus the hoodies question, as i apparently can't read.


I really don't appreciate paying more for the shirts, but it's quite obvious that some printings are more pricey.
Let's see about the new fabric... I was quite disappointed with the quality when I first saw it

Just hope will be worth the extra bucks.


How are those famous $10 sales going to work now?

TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

Eh... price thing bothers me. $15 was just right, and I could always count on it being $15. I understand why that's gotta change and all, and it's a perfectly good reason. But it's still pretty disappointing.

Just don't turn into DBH.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

It's ridiculous to expect Threadless ALWAYS having their shirts as 15 bucks. It just doesn't make economic sense anymore with being printed on softer, better quality shirts and all the possible inks that each shirt might employ. As long as the princes don't soar, I'm okay with it, and so far the prices haven't done much but trickled up a few dollars. But it's not like we can't see where the extra money is going, Things change, and as long as things change and there is a good reason for it, im cool with it. the ten dollar sale is gonna be a bit more complex tho.

As for the DBH thing, I just hope Threadless doesn't turn into ALL artsy tees and disses its clever ones. I like the artsy ones, I live for the clever ones.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Oh man, it's about time! Thank you so much, that's all I can say. The few extra dollars is well worth it in my opinion. To me the pricing strategy is fair and makes perfect sense. I'll be buying more designs I love, knowing they'll be printed on a quality tee, instead of FOTL tees which are approaching the consistency of burlap and have ruined many a good design. Don't listen to the people whining about the prices, this is a big step in the right direction.

wotto profile pic Alumni

I think the price increase is fair enough if it means the tees are better.

The designs already prices before this shouldnt have been changed tho.

either way good work threadless.



TerryMakesStuff profile pic Alumni

wotto on Feb 18 '08 at 1:26pm
I think the price increase is fair enough if it means the tees are better.

The designs already prices before this shouldnt have been changed tho.



omg xs in guys will have me buying tees again...


I'm appreciative of the new shirts SO MUCH. MY faesthetic tee could not have fit better, I usually have to resew something, whether it be the sides or the length, and so I look forward to all being this way. I'm paying a few more dollars per shirt, and that sucks a bit, but the shirts are so much better now, and that is cool.


that's ok to me. can't wait to buy a threadless brand tee..


Is the baseline price really $15 if the most basic designs will always have the "plastisol and chino additive" combination?

Or is there a non-plastisol solution that could result in a $15 shirt still?

If they feel like the Selects feel, then I'm happy either way... Just keeping it honest if we won't see a $15 anymore.

Lupencia profile pic Alumni

I think this makes a lot more sense, and the new tees are so much better, they actually have a waist now, for us girls.

Papaprime profile pic Alumni


You have just renewed my love for threadless by making a size I can wear

Ian Leino
Ian Leino profile pic Alumni

This is excellent in every way possible. Threadless has always had great designs from some amazing artists, and now they will ALL be printed on shirts that feel as good as they look. Huzzah!


The product pages dont say "plenty in stock" or "Few in stock" any more. I liked that

artdrops profile pic Alumni

oh don't mind a few more dollars for a good quality shirt and now that you 3xl I think i will be buying more!


I'm 14, I don't have a job, I don't have a lot of money.
I haven't tried the new shirts yet, though... maybe I'm just saying this because the old shirts fit me terribly, and I don't want to pay more for something that fits bad.


hip hip!!

and for those worried about the new shirts, just wait for the sale then to try them out first ... they really are much better than AA imo but I can understand the concerns too


Is it weird that I actually liked FOTL?

I'm sure the new shirts are better, but I didn't think the old ones were terrible...


hope small fits me lol

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