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i Lean Robot

  • by Atomic K
  • posted Feb 14, 2008

Watch this

The drawing is a nice change to all the robots i have seen on here latly. but please no copy and paste.


Totally amazing robot, but yeah, really weird look with the doubling and the grid.... i'd prefer a floater to this.


i really like this!!!! (and just the way it is!!!) $5


maybe have the double more like a shadow, closer and partially covered by the original. and lose the border on the grid, have the lines just stick out

von Vismal

Some things are so good you need to see them twice. I love it and the two times doesn't bother me at all. Quit being so friggin literal people.


i highly enjoy the color and the body design of the robot tall and skinny and simple i like this alot

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

You're on a roll with all these subs... :-{D


I like it, it reminds me of those pages in the FUN PAD activity pads where you're s'posed to copy the drawing one square at a time

Iron Tam

Nice, but drop the grid & shadow.


i like the sketch ... don't care for the double, not to say that you couldn't do something about it like moving it closer and lightening it more ... he grid is iffy ... if it were me i'd diagonal slice the grid leaving the lower left .... visually then it's weighted to one corner creating a nice asymmetrical feel ... there is to much evenness ... and too much symmetry for my taste here.

Steve Holtz

Everybody hates symmetry...idiots.


would love to see the second robot in a diff pose.


I love this! I think there have been some good recommendations here to improve upon this awesome design - Perhaps the 1st robot could be less of a sketch and more of "finished" and the echo could be more of a sketch. Or perhaps a 2nd, different robot. Or maybe have just the one robot bigger on the shirt. Looks great on the olive green, too. 5$


so nice!

love it



why twice? why olive green? it's a great illustration, but the shirt design needs some tweaking. mainly by just having the robot once, and maybe giving him a shadow.


good drawing! 5

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