Katie Holmes must be a mad-woman in bed...

'Cause lately, Tom Cruise has been acting weird. Like...really weird...

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supposedly she is a virgin


Then who the hell was with me last night!?!!


Tom Cruise has always been weird - this is not new news


You know what his beliefs are, so...
Iisn't it a bit self-evident?


meaning of life?

comment five

¥s profile pic Alumni

always hated him... and his church too, but not because of him


Scientology ferrinstance, that galactic ruler Xenu is even more bad ass than War Of The Worlds tentacle geeks are.

Check out the bulging eyes and not-of-this-earth-cool-as-fuck white Uzi he's sporting. Conquer us damnit! I wanna be your dog o Mighty Xenu!

Ady bear

i have know idea what scientology is,i suppose if your going to worship in a religion which is made up by a sci-fi writer in my opinion you must be some kind of idiot. also their not in love-it's just plain old publicity stunt and good ol fasion real life acting-she is fit though!


Yeah, I saw a newspaper articale that read, "They're so in love!... with publicity!".

travis76 profile pic Alumni

the reason why he's a weird ego-maniac (see also john travolta, kirstie ally, etc-all scientologists) is because their belief system is based upon the fact that they believe that they ARE god, and basically through positive thinking, can control thier destiny, and rise above everyone else.. they're half right....positive thinking helps, but they truly believe that each of them is the center of the universe.
i can imagine you can get to be SO famous, having millions of people screaming your name, etc...that it's easy to believe you are god.

i also have a inkling that this is to boost sales of the two biggest summer flicks (in the event they suck) batman begins and war of the worlds...
bats was good but slow. then it must be 'war' that's gonna tank...

Ady bear

still dont know what this religion is!


He has never jumped around the set of Oprah before jsut because he has a new girlfriend,


It's scientology.


Ady, I can give you an audition and cleanse you of your past traumas for a mere 15000$.

If it's good for Cruise it can't harm you dude?

ps. Xenu says he's coming next week, so check Oprah on your TV Guide. More jumping and Uzi shooting coming your way.

Ady bear

im from england so i dont know who xenu or oprah are.....is that a good thing?

¥s profile pic Alumni

He fired his press counselor for almost 20 years and hired his sister instead who also is a member of Scientology. That is why he goes nuts, his sister don't seem to care about what he says or do..

Jumping around shadow boxing on Oprah, telling everyone to Fuck Off that dont belive in his church in an interview in Rolling Stone, banging young actors .. and the list goes on and on .

Hope his carrier goes down the fucking drain!


Okay let's make it 15000£. Xenu like that.
I understand the Oprah thing, it's not available either where I live, but as Ricky G. aptly put it, I'm from England, which used to rule the world before you guys (referring to americans).


he is a scientologist.. its a given.


Ady Bear, from what i can gather i scientologists believe that we are being decended from creatures that arrived on earth, apparently they were reincarnated down the line as human beings and by process of positive thinking/living shall eventually be reincarnated as the great that first arrived here. Something along the lines of being descended from space clams. If this is wrong i apologise but that is what i have read, it's fucking nuts.


Oh, and like all great cults, you have to give them a lot of money.


Oh, and like all great cults, you have to give them a lot of money.


" Oh, and like all great cults, you have to give them a lot of money."

Man, you are so into something big :)

Ady bear

seem worse than jehova's(WHAT NO XMAS....BIRTHDAY'S! GET OUT A HERE!)if i had my way i'd do damage to these brainwashing gimps,i'm not bitter.honest!


your giving tom what he wants, all this publicity and gossip. this is only encouraging him to do it again.

im going to make like tom...

and cruise.

travis76 profile pic Alumni

above all else, tom's condition can be described in 2 and a half words...


TOM CRUISE IS A SCIENTOLOGIST! that's why he is wierd. he's in a KULT!!!!!!!!!


he was always weird.. it's just reared its ugly head a little higher than normal lately.

EZFL profile pic Alumni

he has bullshit spewing from his mouth every time he opens it. Cruise is a big ol' fake. I bet he was one of this kids in highschool that talked alot of shit, but ran and hid when someone would challenge him.

katie holmes finally grew up, for a while she was looking like a middle schooler...

MrDomino profile pic Alumni

As much as I loved Batman Begins (because I am a gigantic comic nerd), I did not at any point find Katie Holmes attractive or talented as an actress. Penelope Cruz is another story. I don't know what he was thinking dropping her.


I heard Tom Cruise was found in bed with Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty i knew there was a reason he got that new haircut and started looking like Justin Timberlake...Hes only getting married ot Katie Holmes to make himself not look gay. Not that theres anything wrong with being gay...

robot in peril

pinkerton do you know the history of psychology?

because I know the history of psychology.


You mean "Kate" Holmes. That Oprah episode was such a waste of time. One hour of "He is gone. That man is gone. Gone, gone, gone. He is gone. He is gone.”


Kate Holmes belongs on Nickelodeon.

Skipper6745 profile pic Alumni

Scientology is the wave of the future, you know.


katie holmes is a cartoon.....

Ash Sammy

lets stop talking about others, children? heh?


just because tom cruise is mentally unstable doesnt mean scientologists are all crazy. i don't know anything about what scientologists believe or do but it doesn't seem like anyone else here does either. people tend to fear the unknown and im just saying that before you make fun of it at least know what its about. early christians were killed because people thought it was some insane cult religion and they needed someone to blame but now millions of sane people believe in christianity

Rock-Deputy profile pic Alumni

Is it me... or does Micheal Jackson seem like a PRIME candidate for Scientology? Something tells me that he'd fit right in there...


No, he just loves children and hates his nose.


Actually only little boys.


I wish I had money so I could be a scientologist.
It looks fun.


i thought micheal jackson was a scientologist...

.didn't him and lisa marie both go to the same church?

lisa marie looks like a man....

but not like her dad.......too manly for that


You don't like Invader Zim?


No, I don't like thinking about the title of this blog!

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