One second...

ain't easy

six color print on brown

Watch this

haha i love this!!

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the type of fontyou chose here is not working, unless you actually wanted your text to be your focal point and steal a viewers gaze away from your drawing.


luv this illustration and that woodgrain in the background! but yeah no text please....


love the style


I like the text, but perhaps brighten the characters a little or lighten the background - only the lettering stands out right now - the character are the same color as the background are the same color as the shirt. But this is a killer design any way you slice it.


I agree, no text. 5$$$


I don't mind the text either....if you scratch the text out peeps here would be like I don't get it. It completes the box without making an entire box. The characters are ill, and don't think I didn't catch where that pimp's mitt is....nice work


I love the illustration. The song from hustle and flow just popped into my head.

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this is really good art but it's not a good shirt...and it's all about the market here...i've gone through your stuff and i think you gots the skillz...but you gotta exploit the market here, and this isn't it...even though the illo skillz are really great.


freakin sweet! i like the text. i dont think it would have the same effect without it. 5 bones!


If they won't print it here, try to sell this design to LuckyThreadz. I bet they'll jump to print this.

..and I'd TOTALLY buy it. I love this.


The art is Great, But due to my anit pimp & hoe policy... I say Tsk Tsk Tsk........


I feel if you just added some color to the background rounded square this would read SO much better.


i like this, even with the text. but i agree, you need something to pull the background forward, cause right now it fades

Drawl Graphic

Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. I agree with the color suggestions being made here. On my monitor the image looks fine, but when I checked my buddies monitor the colors were very saturated and the image was hard to see. Should my design be selected for print I would adjust the colors accordingly to get the best possible image. Thanks again.

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