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Shut The Hell Up

Watch this

i think it's great


The old guy looks great ! Is that a TV he is about to throw ? If those guys are burglars, then they will need alot of duct tape for that TV !


Would buy the hoody . Nice work.


awesomeness. $5


is he mad at the people downstairs or the TV?


Not a shirt design... :/


At first I thought he was tossing a baby carriage out the window which would have been a lot funnier.


this sucks... end of story.


MinZen on Feb 16 '08
this sucks
in my opinion... but since mine is not the only point of view allowed here, this is not the end of story.

There, your comment was broken.


ha ha ha this is great!


What hilarious is that this shirt was MADE FOR ME!!! Our neighbors are loud, obnoxious, drunk jackasses who think nothing of yelling and screaming and blasting horrible music at 5am, and if my window opened I'd DEFINETLY drop something on them.

$5, and a buy it. Great idea!


anger shirts don't work for me
except toward politicians.
he should be throwing a tv out at
some news reporters or upcoming candidates.
but nice artwork.

Jemae profile pic Alumni

cool idea! + awesome art style! five! :)

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni
2 designs submitted - Score now!

Even when i don't find your pieces of art to be particularly stunning for a shirt design (such as this one), it always astounds me by the amount of detail and style you throw on top of every design you make for this place.


Thanks Frickinawesome your intelligent comments are always welcome, I constantly look over many of the talented artist submissions to learn from each one how to make a strong concept sometimes I hit sometimes I miss.


I know that I am not a fan favorite on threadless but I give it my all.


cool illustration

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great illustration, the wall gives for a really nice effect on the shirt 5


I honestly had a small laugh when I first saw it. I like it very much.


Afro. don't take what others say about your work to heart when it's negative reviews. Your artwork is amazing no matter what anybody says. You have to believe it ! And this is a contest that reviews everybody's work so you are not alone in this. Just ignore the nonsense and live to create what you feel to be great art. Don't let others dictate how you create. There are those that do appreciate your work. Keep it coming.


Much props man, appreciate the words of wisdom I will put it to practice.


I wouldn't personally wear this design (I really like it, but think it doesn't work well for a shirt), but I love your style and would wear a lot of your other subs. :)

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This looks cool on the hoody. You've got a sweet style! Love the way you rendered the apartment building and the neutral color scheme.


Your artwork reminds me of the illustrations in Roald Dahl books. I really like it!!


Nice perspective! Flip it! 5


Afromation, it is a good design, but it just doesnt do anything to me. I wish there is something clever, or something strange (in a good way) about it.

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