The Winged One

  • by mcmissa
  • posted Feb 09, 2008

First time submitting. Had a lot of fun creating this! The design can pretty much go on any color as long as the hue of the shirt doesn't wash out the white.

Watch this

First time submitting. Had a lot of fun creating this! The design can pretty much go on any color as long as the hue of the shirt doesn't wash out the white.


OMG This is the coolest shirt ever!!Im going to buy two so I can give the other one to my sister ^_^


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oh come on, lol


Onetis, Tis my brother. He was just excited and wanted to show some brotherly support.


A very complete and full design. I


this is real design... there is soooooooo much crap on here.


I am a designer - this is talent.


This is beautiful l love it.


She's beautiful, but I shy away from the topless stuff,
but at least she's not putting her breasts on parade.
Concerning the objects sticking out of her back, it's
hard to tell if they're part of the wing(s) or if they're
just impaled in her. The wing(s) look a bit sketchy/rushed.

Put some more effort into your designs and I have a feeling
you'll be doing well at Threadless. And be sure to look through
the whole catalog to get a feeling of what's at Threadless
competing with you for the prize money.

looking forward to seeing more from you


Sweet illustration. it has a nice flow.


Personally I like the wings the way they are; They aren't obscenely obvious but there's enough there to get the idea. And the keys(?) in her back are a cool addition. New perspective on an old idea: Wings on a Woman. Nice. 4


I think this design looks really good. (I say again) it feels whole, complete- and to finish my last comment- I feel it is refreshing addition to threadless. Sometimes, I feel too many submissions are just trying too hard to appeal to what 'style' they feel will be accepted.

Viva la difference!


My exact words when the screen loaded-- Wow, she's beautiful. I'm not usually a fan of anything with people on it for whatever reason, but I would absolutely wear this.

Pixel Dust

This is beautiful. I might not get the stuff sticking out her back, but this rocks anyway. I think the wings are perfect for this. It doesn't take away from her, yet you still see them and they make just enough of an impact on the design. Excellent work! $5


How many people total will register to bump this I wonder.
Nice shirt, btw. Great in light purple, you rarely get a good shirt for that color.


Wow 5$ for sure, love the design, full without being too much.




edg --- If it was up to me I would have rather him not left a comment. But since he did I think I'll laugh at the gesture. Mostly because it wasn't his intention (immature as it may be) to be malicious towards the community - and so I'll treat it as such. Essh..what a way to start off....

Thanks to those who left comments!


This really is all manner of gorgeous.
This shirt is made of win and awesome!


Red is best.

I love whatever's in her back.

I give it a 4.


This is the space soaring beautiful demon?


Is that a reference to something? Makes for a better title then the one I placed. Ha.


i like the style overall but the way you didn't outline her bottom half makes it seem like her torso cuts off abruptly. maybe if you picked some colors that went better with the tshirt colors she would blend into the shirt color more and it wouldn't be so noticeable. i actually like the colors you have in the background best, maybe slightly more contrasty than that, but that's kinda what i'm talking about 4


Thanks jpeacockdesign! Glad you like the style ^^ The cut off was intentional to the design. But the blended idea sounds pretty cool (Makes me think genie!)


i like the design, but not the shirt colors.


maybe make the keys more obvious??? dont like tshirt colors either


Yeah it's beautiful but it looks like someone stabbed her with black keys...they're more prominent than the white wings.


Very pretty. :)


Wonderful. I love how everyone cannot decide whether she is being impaled by anything, or if it's organic. I think it makes the shirt even more interesting. I really like the colours on the creme.

I also like how you did not shy away from showing your own interpretation of the human form. I also really like how there's a subtle bit of detail in the background, which really adds to the continuance of it.

$5, I really do hope this is printed. If not, I'd love to be able to buy this somewhere else from you!

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