• by DJigsaw
  • posted Feb 08, 2008

Watch this

I think that you have a not-bad idea. But first of all, the lines look a little too wobbly for me. Second, this design would be improved a lot if the different segments of color were smoother in shape and definition. Lastly, I think that this design would benefit from a different shirt color: maybe teal or something lighter.


hello. nice colours. and style.I think it is easier to come up with nice curves hand drawing using a pencil and then scanned and traced. you must like the Blue Meanies. Anyhow cheers and vwell done. inspires me


i did hand draw it and then scan it. i did that so it does not looks so computer generated. the colors are offset so they look as if they have been "moved" around, hence the name 'movement' thank you


this shirt is really awesome! me gusta mucho:)


i really like this t-shirt it has a unique look! and definetly looks like you know what you are doing! keep up the great work!


its pretty good! i would wear it and the colors are not to radiant


leave it how it is.
i lovvvvve it.


It's really da bomb! You are the best at designing t shirts!

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