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  • by radiomode
  • posted Feb 08, 2008

Mind your own fear

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Very nice! what does it say in white down at the bottom?

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

cool concept. i thnk the bottom says "Brought to you by the National Department of Mental Health", and there's a logo of a girl's head. fitting.

I don't understand the poem beneath Mind you Own Fear though. One of the fishes kinda looks like a whale and i think the poo one should be "coprophobia".

mezo profile pic Alumni

Hey- that looks neat!


Cool! You've got some of my favorite phobias on there!

Edword profile pic Alumni

this is going to score high!


Great idea!


i like the idea, and it looks pretty solid. it seems like all of these are real phobias, but i think it might have been fun to add some 'fake' ones near the end, or mixed in throughout.


You need to have Coulrophobia: fear of clowns!!! Thats what I have. But thats ok because I'm working on one right now so it's a good thing you didn't. :)


Too bad it doesn't have Panophobia. Papaphobia is pretty good too. I'll $5 this in hopes of a belt print revision.



hahaha, that's a flash


oh yes, on blue please!


I don't really understand why there is a poem underneath "Mind Your Own Fear" -- any reason as to why you put that there? And did you write that yourself, or does it have special meaning to you?

And I like the 666 phobia. I think that it's actually funny that it has to take up two lines.


i have a good feeling about this one.


I just thought of an awesome addition. Levophobia(fear of things to the left) and Dextrophobia(fear of things the right) on the sleeves!


you don't have snakes and that's one of the main phobias


oh but i really love this $5
i say lose the poem at the bottom it doesn't make much sense and i don't think it helps the design

radiomode profile pic Alumni

I wrote that myself. I guess I was pretty down..., and mostly because the poem just looks good sitting there


awesome!!! great concept!
I support levophobia and dextrophobia on the sleeves!
Moreover, some other common phobias should be added, like coulrophobia (clowns), cynophobia (dogs), ophidiophobia (snakes), acrophobia (heights), trypanophobia (injections)...
Also try to add some funny fears... not that philophobia, cyclophobia and chrematophobia doesn't sound strange enough!


this design got me thrilled...
what about a glow-in-the-dark nyctophobia (fear of the dark) ? =D


YES! More phobias! Belt Print!!

empiricist profile pic Alumni

Great idea!!! I only wish there was a blank black square representing the darkness?


AHAHA. One of my best friends is afraid of fish...I've never understood why


i really like this! great idea.

one suggestion...its hard to see, but i think your "arachnophobia" says "arachnephobia", so make sure you change the "e" to an "o"

mezo profile pic Alumni

What's a Fear of Belt Prints called?


there are many spelling differences in such words... "arachnophobia" and "arachnephobia" are ok (with O is more common, though)

another idea: phengophobia (fear of daylight) or heliophobia (fear of the Sun) in UV ink


mezo on Feb 14 '08
What's a Fear of Belt Prints called?

Well fear of belt prints in general I'd go with Lunacy. Now fear of poorly executed/unnecessary belt printing I say, acceptable skepticism. Fear of designs that would be a billion zillion times better belt printed, well you just need to be committed.

Hellenologophobia, with a square with Hellenologophobia in it, perhaps in both greek and latin characters.

Cardiophobia over the heart.

Just the word Eurotophobia/Phallophobia centered at the bottom of the last row of designs with a small arrow pointing down[towards the crotch ;) ].

I know 1000% think the logo and poem need to go. Or you could put the logo with Logophobia! That is actually fear of words, but hey it works.


I usually don't like designs like this, but I can't help it. This is awesome!


This is brilliant.


this is awsome.
it explains all my things


I think it's nice that you didn't go for the only common (sort of boring) phobias. I guess you have a few common ones, but most are just rather strange, and I think that makes everything more interesting.

As for playing around with the positions of the phobias (left, right, etc.), I think that might be over-doing this design a bit.

And I kind of like the logo and the poem, looks good.




there are many spelling differences in such words... "arachnophobia" and "arachnephobia" are ok (with O is more common, though)

i did not know that.

carry on.


i think it would be cooler with the logo and the poem thing on the back?

idk just more effect i guess.


GOOD job!


I love this!! I've wanted something like this forever!

friend of paisley

is there one for fear of nudity? i once heard of kneebophobia - fear of the knees bending backward, and also one where people are afraid of falling off chairs. i think the poem should go. nothing against the poem, but it just doesn't go with the shirt.

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