Polar Express

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creative fisheries

The design will go missing if printed on the bottom. But I love the design.


I agree, the middle option is probably best; but lovely and simplistic :D

quister profile pic Alumni

Employee falls ill, temporary worker picks up slack. :D

Very appropriate use of minimal line and color, reflective of and relevant to the stark landscape. I like the upper placement. $5

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i liked the linework in your initial sketch a lot more than this finished piece and i wish you had kept it in this like you seem to be doing with your recent submission in the critique section. it's nicely done, but the handrendered look would have added more to this.

to me though,this one of yours is just not stylistic driven enough to be without a strong concept/or comedic twist etc. sort of falls flat.

ginetteginette profile pic Alumni

i forgot to mention that i do see the bear/dog switch but in this scenerio it seems too 'normal' to really come off as something truly funny to me.

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

i wasn't really trying for funny just thought it would be much faster with a polar bear than a dog leading it. Thanks for your thoughts everyone.


It's cool, I really like it. It's sort of plain, though, being pretty much all white.


So cute! I love the idea. Nice work.


Holy crap! It's snowing in your design. But, yeah that design is pretty tight. Now I want to have some polar bears pull me on a dogsled.


I really like the presentation. You got an extra point out of me with the very subtle snow. Well done.


Oh, the doggies are just sweet! I like this a lot, but I could never buy this. I can't wear white, I destroy white coloured clothing within seconds :(

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

It is gray but if you destroy any color close to white then sorry... Thanks for the extra points on the snow. I choose subtle above all. Thanks for the support.


I think I like it at the bottom....in the middle is too expected. The design at the bottom, thros you off. cool tho!

murraymullet profile pic Alumni

Thanks for the feedback and yes it is snowing though I am not sure how they will print that part of it.


nice work.


middle is awesome. 5$


middle! very cute!


I would buy it if the design was in the middle. The bottom just looks weird. For some designs the print looks good at the bottom but not this one. $5 though! Good Job


This is a great design. I agree that the placement should be higher than the bottom.


i think this is cute. $5

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