Lorem Ipsum # Ketrchup and Mustard

Lettering for the fake text "lorem ipsum" made out of ketchup and mustard, from the Lorem Ipsum series, based on tubular elements such as ketchup, pencil, straws, paint,...

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Hawt - really interesting type work.

aled profile pic Alumni

It's awesome, mate. Your typographic work is really inspiring.


this is a ridiculoulsy sweet design and what i love is that you subbed it twice here and the votards kept scoring it downa nd yet you got it printed anyways

kudos its a great design


votards never win! awesome always prevails!

alex trochut

thanks guys for the support! :-D


ets un crack!


Hi. This will be my first Threadless shirt. Your my favorite designer of this new generation, Mr. Trochut.

I´m the editor of a online art magazine called Ideafixa ( www.ideafixa.com) and it´ll be a realization of a dream, if you agree in being published. Please write me back if this sounds good to you ( ideafixa@gmail.com). Sorry about the bad english.


im your fan Alex


Super nice!


Really Neat Design! Like it alot. the colors and shapes just seem to fit very nicely!


i love mustard....and your work!


You love aqualungs and type as much as me. Be my father?


err scratch that. no aqualungs.


muy buena, una profesaora tuya ahora es profesora mia y nos ha enseñado tu trabajo en clase, cuando llegó a la mostaza y el ketchup yo recordaba haber visto esa imagen antes y recordé que en esta web, y me he metido corriendo y así es!! nos ha encantado tu trabajo!!

un saludo y suerte.


I just read an article on you on the French Clark magazine! I'm totally buying this tee now

The LeeLee

This shirt is awesome.... I love your work. I saw you at semi and thought you were the best speaker there.
Thanks for the inspiration.


i luv the pen one so much!!!


how do U make the curves like that? i ALWAYS wondered, it drives me nuts!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

dude your site is bad ass... i symboled across it somewhere else and thought i'd seen one of your designs on here...

love the pen version of this


F***ing great!


Whoa...I like the pencil version even better.

Great design; I'm looking forward to grabbing this one now that it's on sale. ^_^

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