This seems like a bit of a low score to be printed

Don't get me wrong. I love the design and am thinking of buying it myself, but a 2.18 does seem kinda low for a printed design. Anyone know what the lowest scored print is?

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uh oh, stupid blog!


I slept with the entire Threadless staff to get this printed.

You're welcome.



This is the one I was rooting for. And it also got a higher end score.

I'm a bit disappointed. Although, I'm not saying that I don't enjoy this design.


Again, I don't want people to think that I don't like this design. I'm just curious as to low-scored prints.

Anything lower than cat on a skateboard with it's 1.95?


i compiled a list of all "loves threadless" winners, and the lowest score is 2.07... check 'em here.

Mikko Terva
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just some trivia, the scores of my prints:

1) 2.37
2) 2.32
3) 2.23
4) 2.18

I have designs that have scored higher but they haven't been printed.




it has to do with how many of the 2.18 said theyd buy it doesnt it?


It depends on the staff's own personal choice in the end. Ratings play a huge part, but if they feel an awesome design scores low, they're going to print the awesome design.

From the FAQ:
How are the winning submissions chosen?

We look at the top 300 designs every couple of weeks and pick out around 10 designs that we want to print based off of the designs score, comments, and the number of i'd buy it's. Ultimately the decision of which shirts get printed are left up to us. The scoring system helps give us a general idea of which designs our customers want.


Plus it won the The Secret Handshake (love)'s Threadless contest, so:

The selected design(s) will be chosen by a panel of Judges including Threadless staff and a representative from the promotion partner.

Albert Luna

insightful blog. Just received a 2.07 out of 5 for my submission ("Mexican Artist In A Galaxy Far Far Away...") ... Not too positive on what the outcome will be.

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