eat sod.

  • by katyr
  • posted Feb 02, 2008

was looking forward to my first threadless tee today.
too bad it didn't come, yet. (routemaster. woot!)

related to routemaster,
and those awesome english buses (brilliant tee btw)
watching, no, walking by the telly,
Zoey 101 is on....
some english nit is screaming "eat sod."
i've pretty much concluded,
why shouldnt americans flip people off using grass?
so much classier than effs.

so, use: "eat sod."
and suprise your american fellows
with some classy british.

(just forget to mention its from zoey101.
instead, say its from "some awesome person on threadless" :)
(or say nothing at all.))

Watch this

British people say fuck, too.

And what the hell is a Zoey101?


a show, on teen nick.
and yes, i know, im not a moron.
just good to have variety?

fine dont use it.


Geez, you went through nine emotions in five sentences.


I thought this was about health food. awww...

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