Batman down

Bring back super camp Batman.

Watch this

cool idea and great job on the lettering. I think you could improve it still. it looks like the mask is just hanging off the words. What if you made the words look like they were in a cloud (you know how in comics when people are fighting, it's often in a cloud with fists and feet sticking out). and maybe the mask should be lying on the ground or even somehow being flung through the air.

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Doesn't Batman's mask have ears? This mask looks like a Mardi gras mask.

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but YES! Excellent type treatment!


so, a, where is batmans mask?????

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Just add the little ears on the mask and that would be perfect.


You forgot the ever popular "POW!"


that's Robin' s mask

the colorful zany onomatopoeia moves us into the
campy mood, but it all gets turned on its head with
the bit of blood coming off Robin's mask ( a kid
who really shouldn't be running around using his
tiny fists and skinny muscles against the city's
murderers and insane criminals )

excellent design weallhatepigeons !


I wants this in belt print!


hey thanks for your constructive comments!

I was gonna add the batman ears but went with the boy wonder instead....may prove to be a blunder!



shoot i was in process of something along these lines. good work.


I would buy that in an instant. 5$


haha AW-zom

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