• by tikno
  • posted Feb 02, 2008

Watch this

i don't really get it, is it just that the ones cube has been out so long he's melting?

i did get a laugh from how you forgot to change the shadow colour on the white shirt though, looks like they're pissing themselves


"So long" as in goodbye.


why is the shadow mustard yellow?


and thanks for all the fish


igo2cairo must be the designers aunt or something. This is plain awful and there is no point.


ya I've forgotten to change the shadow color. actually this design just for yellow t-shirt


damn gennybear. that's incredibly rude. just cause you don't like it doesn't mean someone else can't like it.


yr on the right track, it just wasnt executed that well.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

LOL. Thanks catalina :) Anyway, just for the record I'm a guy, and not tikno's aunt or uncle or anything else! Yes, the technique is a little rough, I agree, but tikno has some cool ideas and a good design-sense.

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Man...i REALLY have to get some more collabers so all my ideas aren't done in way different ways by others so that when it finally gets done i don't hear anyone yell "rip-off!" idea just not an execution i can get behind.

igo2cairo profile pic Alumni

Well FA, that's why I only scored a 2... but still, I love the absurdist idea behind this. I think with a little polishing (ok, a lot of polishing) this design could work. OK, my advice to tickno - don't rush things out! I'm not being judgemental, because I've done the exactly the same thing and have lived to regret it. I've seen some of your other work and know you're capable of a polished presentation.


looks like they all pee'd on the white shirt.haha

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