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Imaginary Friends Forever

Yay for IFF!

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great shirt. i'm sure all the bangers will complain that their prophet isn't imaginary. let's watch and see if they notice!


Very nice. Who's that little doggy with the crown and red knickers? He's so cute!

fat pigeon
fat pigeon profile pic Alumni

I love that Jesus is in there. Awesome design!


Really like it man £5


i think it would have been better to leave out jesus. you are probably gonna get a bunch of people flaming you for it.
good job though


so you are saying jesus is fake?

hey_barn profile pic Alumni

It's good MT.


Dont you watch south park, Jesus was one of the leaders of imagination land, and South Park nevers lies...except the fact that Jesus is also real and lives in south park.... Well family guy says hes fake too...

Nice drawing, looks good. And Im sure youll pay for it in votes but it was a funny idea to add Jesus.


psh. it's not jesus, it's just a shepard who LOOKS like jesus. this reminds me of the imaginary creatures show on cartoon network. $5

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

placement in the center of shirt, forgot to mention that in the sub. I love jesus.

andyg profile pic Alumni



It is not that Jesus is imaginary, just the though of him wanting to be friends with you is.

Mikko Terva
Mikko Terva profile pic Alumni

yeah, sorta. do you guys think adding a halo would be a good idea?


lol! I've been waiting for this to go up!

I dont think it needs a halo.
awesome characters!


no halo, i think that would be pushing it a bit


indeed i think the halo is not needed neither is the shepard jesus guy but overall nice work 5$

pilihp profile pic Alumni

awesome work, mikko!


if i was a christian, i would probably be offended by this


I'd only wear this if it didn't have Jesus in it. Because even if you're not Christian, wearing a shirt that implies Jesus isn't real just makes you look like an asshole, because it's pretty obvious you're only trying to piss people off.


loool i like that good work !!


Does wearing a crucifix imply that Jesus was real, and does that make someone who wears one an asshole? Aren't people who wear outward expressions of their faith only trying to piss people off who don't believe as they do?


I like the's a mind-garden!


I'm a Christian and only the title makes it offensive.

It looks like it's just a bunch of neat looking characters
and the girl being included makes it look like real and
imaginary are being combined.

Is there something that can be done so the large brown
character doesn't blend so much into the shirt?

funkie fresh
funkie fresh profile pic Alumni

excellent characters! sweet colours too!

farflung profile pic Alumni

i'd wear this, for sure!

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

Sweet Jesus!

That's not a phrase, i mean nice ill of jesus! That's what turns this into a random collage of cute to a fun lil hidden commentary on so much more!


Has that blue creature with the crown got his hand down the front of his pants?


haha, i love this shirt.

Robsoul profile pic Alumni

best submission so far! 5ved and buyed.

(just lose the IFF on his tee)


Not for flaming, but Jesus was an actual living person, son of God or not he existed on earth.

Put in Vishnu instead.


I love that Jesus is there and a hot cheerleader girl is, too. If that's really Jesus, I'd add a Halo, but the cool Catholic halo that is a circle behind the head, like light is emanating from an onknown popint behind the head. Also, the robot is cool, but I personally love bigger robots. Any way you do it, though, you get 5$

starr226 profile pic Alumni

mikko, you are my current favorite!


i dont get it what are they doing waiting to be excecuted?


i like it with or without jesus....$5

Lust for life

love the title + jesus.
not so sure about the actual design

ladrones profile pic Alumni

is this your 2nd shirt about mental dillusions?

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