Dear Shoplifters, **video**

Shoplifting is really very mean. I don't care if you feel like society "owes you something" or that you're doing some good by robbing stores, or that you get some sad thrill out of it. Maybe you should look beyond your sad little perspective and realize that you are directly affecting the paychecks and moods of the people who work and have pride in their store.

And you looked really gay in that oversized sweater that you stuffed $1000 worth of merchandise into.

Burn in hell,

I Wish Our Store Humiated Shoplifters Like This!
They're celebrating their 10,000th shoplifter!
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Watch this

i would like to redirect this letter to people who walk out in restaurants too.


i'd think it'd be difficult to be gay in an oversized sweater period.
unless of course it was worn jauntily off the shoulder, than that's a horse of different color all together...


haha i called it a letter

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society owes me EVERYTHING

I shop lift as I see fit

crosses arms and hmmmphs


In the UK it costs more to catch and prosecute a shop lifter then it does to let them get away with it and write off stock and have it replaced.

Whilst were talking about shop lifting every weekend we had two 11 or 12 year old girls come into the shop and every weekend they'd try to steal ciggerettes as you do (atleast they knew they were never going to get severed for them) the problem with that is the ciggerette cage is behind the till which means you have to walk past custommers and two members of staff (who are more than likely going to walk over their to get ciggrettes, stickers or dvds for customers). They have never successfully stolen anything but every weekend they try.

We then report it to the police and there escorted out of the town centre.


It was a dude and he was wearing an Armani Exchange sweater and he was swimming in it. He fucking left ten censors and two pairs of pliers in the back. We called the cops but he left too quickly. I actually got really sad.


Yeah all of our stuff in insured, and of course it's budgeted for. But in the end it's taken out of our bonus. And plus it honestly hurt my feelings. I was so friendly to him.


You have to watch this video!

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don't take it personally when an asshole acts like an asshole.


i remember i stole like 20 sodas from a vending machine. but it was broken andd no one was around. except my friend. i feel bad.

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