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not too much to comment about hope you like

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not too much to comment about hope you like


well drawn mythical cult figure. but well drawn.


he's definitley not mythical....he's in the history books...great drawing btw, nice comic feel to it


history books also show world was flat.


yeah which was made up by people who didn't believe there was anything beyond human comprehension... once people close their minds to possibilities they come up with stupid ideas like "the world is flat" -- my 2 cents


great illustration btw


jesus is real to many people and false to others.
just as the world is flat for some and round for others.

its all about what you believe to be true, and people are allowed to carry their own opinions.
And in MY opinion i dont belive this should become some epic religious discussion, comment on the artists work please, and post your religious views elsewhere.

and this drawing is very well done, have you by chance considered illustrating childrens books?

hey_barn profile pic Alumni

I wouldn't wear/buy this because of 'content' but I wanted to say DAMN great linework & character design!


i second that (hey barn)


^agreed. great illustration style, but apply it to something that everyone can wear...


I agree with the other comments about the quality of the illustration and character, but not a fan of the subject matter.


okay thats coo... i will be submitting more art... just keep the look out!!!


but really, whats wrong with the subject matter... is every one fleeing the Truth?

mikrophiber one is fleeing anything. this design shows YOUR belief. Nicely done but not a figure everyone would wear on a shirt.


He's a historical figure, whether you believe he has religious importance. I wouldn't wear this but I respect your beliefs.

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haa, if you added the text " every one fleeing the Truth?" to the shirt i'd wear it ironically, maybe.




hey, I was doing fine till "fleeing the truth" ...


Not everyone agrees that a historical jesus ever existed.


he's not a historical figure, he's like paul bunyan or johnny appleseed. just a fable that's been (somehow) blown wayyyyy out of proportion for about 2008 years. i'd rather worship a giant lumberjack guy that has a giant ox and cuts down trees anyways.

in any event, i wouldn't wear it unless it has some witty saying like "evolution rocks" or something like that, but an incredibly awesome and super stylized take on j.c.

i'm going for a 4


Not everyone believes in the holocaust either. Don't hate!


people that don't believe in the holocaust deserve to be slapped.... about a million times.


nobody's hating. If someone states something as a fact with no evidence to back it up, I reserve the right to dissagree. There's evidence that the holocaust happened. There's no evidence of a historical Jesus. If you choose to believe something on "faith", fine, but don't expect everyone to agree with you.


Threadless has sold out enough jesus shirts. I don't want to see another one. No religious shirts (or even religious figure).

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Awesome skills! Ignore the bitter ones, design whatever you want!


I love how this looks on the shirt! The fact that the design is religious doesn't bother me. Unfortunately you're limiting your audience.

mike force

jesus + comic books = boring.


well the "Loaded Bible: Jesus vs. Vampires" comic was pretty good.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

was there a Jesus: The Animated Series that I missed?


Bio- I was thinking the same thing, like he stepped out of Prince of Egypt or another dreamworks production. Awesome line art darlin'


I wouldn't wear it, but I love your style


I don't think it would get printed here, because of content, but the drawing is gorgeous. I'm not terribly religious, but the expression on his face definitely moved me when I saw it. =)


Great image. I find it sad that people find the need to awkwardly and obviously inject antagonistic phrases like "mythical cult figure" in their critique of the design simply to try and stir shit up. Grow up and just say whether you like it or not, if you feel the need to say anything. They guy's not trying to force anything on you, so why feel the need to dig at him like that? Obviously this type of stuff gets under people's skin and they feel the need to lash out.


Love the illustration, getting seriously annoyed with all the random comments on content. If it were Buddah or anybody else, I doubt people would be so quick to judge. Keep your personal crap at home, judge the drawing, or bust. Great work.


I'm sorry b.ran. For the record, I reserve the right to vote based on the quality of the artwork, the way it looks on a shirt, and the content. They are all subjective. I understand that. While this shouldn't necessarily boil down to a religious debate on his existence, it's fair to comment on (or zero) content.


You know what? A lot of people don't like religious designs. A lot of people don't like happy rainbows or faux Nigel girls. We have a right to say whether we like the subject matter or not. And I think everyone here agrees that the artwork is top notch and the designer obviously has talent. If you choose to put up a design with a controversial subject, be prepared to deal with people's reactions.


So... I am confused about something. Let me see if I get this straight. The design above should be judged on its artistic merit, and not its semantic content (which may or may not be contentious.) While this is "tasteless," "digusting," a "P.O.S.," etc. I think someone would have to be seriously kidding themselves to say that "No Devotion" was judged solely on its artistic merits (whatever those might be,) and not its contentious semantic content.
I am not suggesting "No Devotion" is a superior shirt design, but I don't remember anyone running to its defense saying "Guys, don't hate on the message, everyone has the right to their beliefs, just judge the artwork." etc.
Regardless of anyone's individual response to "No Devotion" (" Dude, I totally DID judge it solely on its artistic merit!") you cannot deny that the aggregate response has a decidedly different flavor.


Great artwork. 5!


lovely linework, but 0 due to content


I love how this forum turns into religious discussion. Jesus is my personal savior..and I would definitely buy this design :)


great illustration of the One I love the most

I like how you use the smooth curve with the bent corner
throughout the design ( adam's apple, nose, lower eye lid, etc.)


I wouldn't wear it... not a fan of Jesus.


Wow, pretty good shirt, then a bunch of retarded comments from people who insist on "correcting" others. Irony.


why? It's a cool drawing of God, but really who would want to wear it?


I’d buy it! (This coming from a Christian, but you gotta admit it looks great on the shirt) I hope it gets printed but religion is an overly sensitive topic so... :\


very nice, the simple detail works great with the big size. $5


very nice character design.


thank you everybody for the comments... lovely lovely lovely...


Cool style and nice drawing!

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