Got Talent? Selling Something?

I've noticed a lot of you have sites where you sell your prints and such. I would like to purchase some art from someone here on threadless. Both to support you and to score some shit for my room. Plus I'm sure there are others looking to buy, so this would be a good place to archive them.

Post your prints/paintings/sculptures/whatever in here!

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Le Hell

Watch this
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waits for posts so i can check sites out too


I wish I could sell my dance.

Or piano playing.

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I haven't set up my store yet. You can buy 10x8" prints of any of my designs from here or DBH.

I'm also selling pin badges. All unique, hand made from vintage fabric. They'll probably be going in packs of 5 for $15 inc p&p

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priscilla's prints are awesome! i have 5 of them! :)


I can sell my body. Does that count?

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ooh i didn't know Priscilla was selling prints, i will buy some.
i have a shop too, check it

She Says So

It'd be cool to buy some fellow threadlessers art stuffs...infact I might have a few screen print editions coming along in the next month. :)

also...just had a look at you blog gina...and although I dont know you very well (although I think we've both been on threadless for like 2 years??) you seem like a really wicked, lovely, pretty person. And your writing is good dont let life stuff wind you up...although you did write that quite a few months ago so maybe things are looking up? Hope so.


Thats very sweet of you Miss Eva. =) Things are definitely looking up from when I wrote those posts. Thanks again, you just brightened my day a little!

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Hey! I am up there! :) thanks!


You're welcome =) I'm a big fan of your stuff.


Do you have some sort of link Stu?


Thanks for putting me up there.

If you find something on there you like, type "threadless" in the discount code box to get 30% off anything. Right now, that is 3 items.... haha

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i can't spell anyhting

i almost got kichoed outta 8 grade renglish clas because i los the spleeing bee


I'd feel a bit odd selling my artwork, but I am always up for an artswap if anyone wants a print of any of my photos. If you've got some art you want to swap with me, drop me an email at justice_squad [at] hotmail [dot] com.
Or you can add me on facebook

You can view my photos here.

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