Meet the Teetons

  • by teeton
  • posted Jan 31, 2008

They're here!!! Look for some Teeton related contests in the blogs!!! Win stuff!!!

Random Teetons will also be lurking around the site too. Look for them. Say hi... Be nice.

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They're here!!! Look for some Teeton related contests in the blogs!!! Win stuff!!!

Random Teetons will also be lurking around the site too. Look for them. Say hi... Be nice.


i would never buy one of these if i didn't know which one i was getting ahead of time...never

Tonteau profile pic Alumni

That blind box deal is no fucking dice. Terrible idea.

I'll give you a $5 for dog and dog only. Capiche?

ir0cko profile pic Alumni

awesomeeeeeee $5


I would wear Lord Thistlewick Smugginbottom every day!


I would wear any of them every day. This is such a fantastic idea.


I agree the Blind Box idea's kinda lame, I wouldn't want to chance getting one i didn't want

ISABOA profile pic Alumni

have to agree about blind box - I would end up with baby ori and be pissed -


yea and then what if you buy more then one you could end up with the same ones


and i don't like the fact that you have a fake account for each one...thats kinda weak


i love that you don't know what you're getting until you get it.
it's so spontaneous. (:


Why is this a good idea? None of these faces is well drawn, so turning it into a grab bag just compounds the misery.


yea but what happens when you wanna buy more then one and you get duplicates? i bet you wouldn't think its a good idea then


Soooo... We are a hit with sheepman. If I was part wolf I would eat him.


hell no im a secret attack sheep...i take wolfs down like there dogs


Ha... Nice. I'm gonna count you before I go to sleep tonight.

Maltzmania profile pic Alumni

so that's what these silly accounts are about

it's a gimmick, but the art/look of the shirt is fun


ha thats good stuff...just so you know im not bashing your designs or anything im just letting it known i don't like the part about getting a random one instead of picking the one you want

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

This idea is brilliant. great presentation, great characters, great looking shirts even! i can imagine two strangers walking past each other, one wearing a Huey, one wearing a Dug, and they totally high five each other! Friends made! Or someone wearing Lord Smugginbottom casting a mock sour glance at a Horton. it's like a social role playing game that can exist anywhere.


its cute, but the idea seems to want to change threadless into more about the teetons than other designs, that pisses me off, but what if I bout one shirt and would like another one is there a way I can specify that I don't want the one I just bought


let us choose the color. what if i don't want a bright yellow or orange shirt?


i hate all but two, but i really like those two, i wouldnt take the risk and buy a t i thought i wouldn't like


I'd buy the green and the yellow one, but not random.


totally rad I love them all! sweet idea man!

Bramish profile pic Alumni

They look decent enough for what they are, but there's no way I'd cough up any cash without knowing what I'd get.


cute concept!... btw - the model for Huey & Lord TS resembles someone I know.


You are my favourite Dog.
Great concept!

tesco profile pic Alumni

didnt think people would be this picky... if you'd wear one surely you'd wear them all. Also if you read it, the pink one is girls only. Fun idea, 5.

nonolarson profile pic Alumni

I totally want the moustache Lord. And only this one.


I think it's a fun idea, but I have to agree, I wouldn't pay for something that I couldn't chosse (not more than a quarter, anyway). Not only do you risk getting one you don't want, but you risk getting the same one twice if you want more than one.

I like them, but I want to pick which ones I get (Gem and Horton).


Is that facial hair on the baby?


Garanimals anyone?

staffell profile pic Alumni

what if threadless tracked which one you ordered before so that when a second order went through it was impossible for you to get the same one.


gem reminds me of muno from yo gabba gabba


This is pretty cool, but out of them all, I'd only wear gem.

However if it gets printed I'm sure there'll end up being loads of exchanges, like with Home Is Where The Heart Is...


aand dog reminds me of toodee


this is so interesting to me.


it's great but the chances of getting the one i want is really slim.


this is very increative, and i would buy(=


Great Concept!


the grab bag idea would be cool but I think most people would rather be able to pick the one they liked best

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