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I like the tree, but with the background its a little busy. 4$


no fuzzy print


i agree, no fuzzy print! i like the background.


I agree..the background is a little busy..although the purple one looks pretty cool :)

The Screamo Kid

mmkay then!


what should I try instead?


hahah i watched you make this!! i love it, and would soooo buy it!

i really like it. while i agree it might be a tad bit busy, i like it that way. great job!


a single tree? no, that can't be, i have never ever seen anything like that before;)


I really like it, background and all.
Especially on the green, I think that one looks AMAZING.


The background looks cool. Maybe try a very subtly colored belt print instead of just a background for your image.

J Hunt

It's cool, but Threadless isn't going to put a shirt in print that's been done 1,000,000 times. The tree/root theme is overused. The paint splatter as well. Not to be mean, but this design is not unique.


third plain old tree tonight. sorry.


I think the tree alone is great. The background flourish is alittle much.

The Screamo Kid

I thought I made the image with enough resolution, but IDK.
Sorry about the quality.

FYI: I've not seen a tree design like this at all in thredless. I've been through the designs and all.

I tried to send it in as a belt print, but it got rejected....


Cool and I'd buy it without the pattern background.


I could go either way on the fuzzy ... but yeah that background is far to busy ... tone it down or get rid of it

ben mcc-b

all the swirly tree thins look great together


i like it background and all, but def like it better on any color but white...especially the green and grey


i like it background and all, but def like it better on any color but white...especially the green and grey

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

i hate trees. they support arboreal terrorists.


I just don't like the tribal with organic with filigree with rainbow; you've too many main ideas on one shirt. A good start with your first submission though.


no fuzzy print. And that background has got to go. But other than that, I like it. Even if there are a lot of tree shirts :)


no fuzzy, and i dont like the repeated background. maybe just one of the blue things enlarged behind the tree. idk . i like it otherwise, even if there are alot of tree shirt, theyre all sold out and i want one

Skap 1er

I'd definitely wear it if it was just the tree with the subtle splatter

The Screamo Kid

thanks guys for all the suggestions.
I guess only tommorrow will tell...


I love the tree, i love the background. Maybe it's just me, but I like busy things. Actually, to break out of the crowd, I like the fuzzy print. Gives it some texture and makes it seem like a fabric print. almost brocade-like

The Screamo Kid

that's what I was kinda goin for
and it would make the printing of all the little tree branches easier


If you took out the "ribbons" by the trunk of the tree I'd buy it 4 for now

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