This shirt has always been a hot-seller for Threadless... I can understand supply+demand, but seriously... what kind of business model is this?

They're missing out on good money by not reprinting this... if they think that by waiting to reprint this shirt that they're doing themselves some good, the powers that be should go to business school. They're missing out on a lot of customers.

Frankly, a good majority of their shirts for sale right now are crap / homo-appealing, so they really should consider reprinting some of their classics.

Reprint this shirt in the same color schemes, Threadless.

Watch this

I agree, I'm definitely not a big fan of 99% of the designs they've been printing for the past while. Who exactly is picking the designs that will be printed, and who are they catering to? The super artsy person who understands super abstract concepts?? Cause I sure as heck am not going to buy a shirt that makes no sense to me.


Zach, I thought your argument was pretty strong until you made your slur. I am quite certain that the shirts that you wish for are also appealing to gays.


I realy want this shirt! a year ago i bought it and it arrived with a bunch of wholes in it, and when they were supposed to change it they said they were sold out


Why do you think you need to make sense of every print?

Just buy it if it looks good. If you take some meaning from it in addition to its looks, great, but 'getting it' is not a prerequisite for me buying a shirt.

And the beauty of Threadless is that there is something for everyone, I don't expect to like every print. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

Get over it.


lol @ wanabe pro economist - you loser zeevee


"Homo-appealing" - what the hell is that?

See, I love this t-shirt, but now I know it's "homophobe-appealing"....

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