Fuck rock and roll.

Is it supposed to look like that at first glance?
If so, that's just neato.

Watch this
ladykat profile pic Alumni

I totally read it that way too, at first. I don't know - I don't really think it's intentional. But maybe it is.


thats what i thought it said too.


i see it too

sonmi profile pic Alumni

i think it might be a play on words

more heat than light

From the designer...

"It says Folk Rock and Roll. Ha ha. Yeah, if you could actually read it. If I had the wit to actually come up with a phrase I could stand behind, I wouldn't couch all of my work in illegible typography. But yeah. But yeah Folk Rock and Roll, and folk you too."

So yeah, slight play on words. Good stuff.

Number OneBuyer

such a young, you are on at a computeschool?


How very Flight of the Conchords...

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