Boombox robot

The colours gonna have some metallic clear on them.

Watch this

The colours gonna have some metallic clear on them.

Freddie Mokuyobi

why does the girls version always have to be pink and purple... wtf


Coz Barbie likes pink, and girlz should like it too. Kidding :)

quister profile pic Alumni

The idea is good, it's beautifully rendered, what's to complain. Go for the aqua and acid green, I'll wear the pink and purple. 5$


No I know what to do with my old boombox.


Haha thanks for your comments. quister I gotta give you some credit on this one since you helped me out alot. And yeah I chose those colours for the girls because I thought out of "the customers" perspective. Also I would really like purple and pink and blue togetter... I haven't really seen it that much around though. It seems to me that baby blue is really common for girls. But yeah still it's a matter of taste. If you like the grey one better then purple, maybe you could buy a small guys t-shirt perhaps?


I would buy the girls faster than the guys.


Haha well maybe you should buy the girls t-shirt in a size L???


i like the design a lot but not the colors


i like the green better than the pink and purple one.......

i don't like pink


personally, id buy both.


I like the positioning of the design. Too many tees have the design high up in the centre but i like the low off set look here.


What colours would you guys like? If it would be picked that could still be changed. It's a small change. Come up with your favourite combinations and then people may agree with others and then I'll count at the end what you guys have voted. Good idea?

pink armor not screen whore

I love the girl one! I'm a barbie girl through and through! I have a pink christmas tree that staays up all year long if that tells you anything! $5


ok, i want the pink and purple one so much more the the aqua one. its much better. a lot better. i need a purple shirt. but not this one.

pink armor not screen whore

"says" not "stays" sorry bout that! A three year old yelling mommy at you is a bit distracting.


why does it have to be a girls / guys thing anyway. i thought we're already beyond that!? i like the robot and i'm sick of you!


i really want this and would buy in either colour (if the purple will be available for guys).


the boy/girl color split is archaic.

myteemo profile pic Alumni

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto...I like the gray/green/blue version.


Hummm some weird comments up here... pink armor not screen whore I don't really get what you're saying??? And sandino sick of me??? I don't get it. Do you guys hate me already though I haven't been a member for a very long time??? :( Hahaha well I'll just stay wondering...


Looks awesome on green. Kinda simple, though I'd definately buy it. Don't see why the color splitting thing is such a huge deal... $3


i sick of the topic and people who still have to divide and think in boys and girl scheme.. the "you" was meant in plural.
never mind, wish you good quoting anyway!


Thanks for your comments! It's the last day now!


i LOVE LOVE LOVE this design :)

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