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Linework Making Action for Photoshop.

I know some people could use this, so here it is!

Its an action for Photoshop that will turn pencil or ink lines into a layer so you can paint under it. If the lines aren't dark enough, use brightness/contrast to darken the lines while keeping the background white.

It will prompt you to choose a foreground color. Pick the color you want for the lines.

Download Here!

try it out, and let me know how it treats ya!

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Great Stuff ! Thx


For the life of me I cannot get this to work. It downloads fine, it seems to load into PScs5 ok... and then it even "runs" but I get terrible results. I am on a mac btw.


Can anyone help?


it ends up selecting the entire scanned part of the image. no line work whatsoever... and then just outlines it with a blurry grey line.

thanks for your help btw


to test this out i've just been using the sketch at the top of one of my blogs. It may be that It's just to sloppy of a sketch, or I'm just missing something obvious. I've been playing with the brightness/contrast to no avail. The result always looks like this:

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Thats so strange!

even if your skecth is bad that shouldnt happen ^

To make sure you got the right action going... you go to "actions" in PS, open the folder titled "MM" then click once on the action titled "Mike Mitchells awesome linwork maker thingy" Then click the "play" botton......


yeah that is exactly what i've been doing. if you're not too busy would you like me to send you the .psd file and you try it out? i'm really just wondering if i've somehow got some funky settings in PS. feel free to say no or maybe later cuz i know that is asking a lot.


ok its attaching. does aol take attachments up to 16.7mb (already zipped)?


ok. thanks a million! now I have a better idea where the problem lies. hopefully i'll get this working.


haha works like a charm now. i tried loading it a different way.


bump for year 2011


awesome action man !


That's cool, thanks! =)

Just 2 tips for making sure it works: - you must have a layer named "Background" with capital B; rename if you're using a non-English PS version (thanks to previous comment up there, I might not have guessed; it might be possible to change that, I'll post if I find how). - if you're not sure where your actions folder is: open your Actions palette (Window / Actions), click the small triangle at the top, choose "Load actions", then move upwards along the folders path until you find your way! Move the action there then load it. When you have loaded it once, it will stay in the Actions palette.

In French: Actions = Scripts.

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Putting a bookmark here to check this out later. Definitely something I could use. :) Free bump.

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Just tried it. Thank you so much, man. This is just what I needed.


ehmmm... is the link still working? I could use a different browser to download it (i'm on a mac and i'm using Safari)?


i would like to use this too but the link is not working on either safari or firefox... can anyone help?


trying to download in chrome and says the link is broken


Can anyone re-host this so I can download it?

moulin bleu
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same! bummed I missed this :(

moulin bleu
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Thanks! These are great!


For some reason this won't let me download it, it just keeps saying that there is some type of error.


this action is not getting downloaded.can anyone help me in downloading this action


this linework action is not getting downloaded .can anybody help me out how to download this action.


download doesn't work




aw man i really wanted to try this, the link is broken, could you send it to me?

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bump for awesomeness. the link has been fixed!

JB Hummingbird

I could really use this! But what if you don't have an actions folder? Does this not work on Elements 7.0 or similar?

I have never used actions in PSE...I think it is not an option? But may well be wrong.

"go into programs files, adobe, presets, actions then save it there then load the action in photoshop "

Any help much appreciated:)


Still not working for me.... I'm using Safari, could that be the problem?


just used this :) its works really good!! just one prob :P .. the delete part isnt working for me :)... it says the delete is not available


just wanted to say..........................THANKYOUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for this awesome action


Thanks a lot it's really helpful.

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