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Linework Making Action for Photoshop.

I know some people could use this, so here it is!

Its an action for Photoshop that will turn pencil or ink lines into a layer so you can paint under it. If the lines aren't dark enough, use brightness/contrast to darken the lines while keeping the background white.

It will prompt you to choose a foreground color. Pick the color you want for the lines.

Download Here!

try it out, and let me know how it treats ya!

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i justed used this
its super awesome


super genius. I use this for every sub, so needless to say, it's indispensable.


you know how I roll.


bump for anyone who missed it.


ooo, i may use this someday


whoa!!! thank you mike!! that is really rad of you and i like how its named in the action panel and everything.


well this just goes to show teaching yourself photoshop has its downfalls, how the hell do you use actions, and what benefit would this have over just hitting multiply

Malcolm Man

Fuckin A! Thanks a ton man! This is some magical shit!

funkie fresh

cool. i'll need to try this out


ellswhere. You just load it in the actions, you might even be able to drag and drop it into photoshop.

Its benefit is that the linework is the only thing on the layer. you can color the linework, or only parts of the linework. Use it once, and you will never use multiply linework layers again


hm...i clicked that link but it didn't give me anything to DL. just a bunch of text-y gibberish. I doing something wrong, or simply not smart enough to grasp what I should be doing?

Monkey III

put it in your actions folder


put WHAT into my actions folder?
I don't see/have an .atn file.

i feel like a retard right now.

atomic child

go into programs files, adobe, presets, actions then save it there then load the action in photoshop

Monkey III

hmm that's weird -- the link works
(I use firefox)

I can mail it to ya if ya like


You legend. Thanks Mike

Monkey III

wait I didn't try it out yet myself, since I only use PS for photos only. Is the file 2 kb?


alright, i tried it in Firefox and it downloaded. All is fine now.
sorry for the derailing.

Monkey III

it's all good in the threadless hood ^^


oh oh I am gonna trty it out -


you silly goose starr


YEEEEESSS! thanks mike, I can use this one for my freelance job,thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!


sweetness, thanks, sticky man


Awesome! I can definitely use this. :)


yaknow how you use photoshop one way then someone comes along and shows you one little tweek that doubles your productivity... actions were lost to me until this, now i am beeboppin and skattin all over my old tasks with custom actions
so thank you mike


I use this thing alllll the time these days.


I'm confused, how does this work?


oh i need to try this still


You download it and add it to your actions (Don't remember how/can't find out cuz im not at home), then you run it on a scan or something you need to get linework off of, and it will separate the lines from the background white and put it on a new layer.

I notice it messes up and makes the lines white if the layer you're splitting isn't called "Background" though.

snaggle tooth

fudgesicles, game on my brose!


wait, how is this any different from just making a new layer and drawing your ink linework on it, and then making another layer under that one to paint?


Because you don't have to redraw anything. If you draw it cleanly on a piece of paper you can scan it in black & white and have this separate it.


I think its intended to separate your lines so they can use them in the design and not ink them again. either way if you have any repetitive tasks like resizing photos or adjusting colors/exposure you can create your own action by simply hitting the record button, it makes life easier in general


i wanna see people show an example of what this does, like a before and after. i dont get it because im stupid. :(


Finally, something that can do my intricate linework justice.



snaggle tooth

all i get is a bunch of text. no link...

snaggle tooth

i figured it out. You can't download it with safari. so i used firefox.

thanks for nothing everyone!


thanks for sharing this stickymike, it's wonderful!


thanx man i dloaded it


i've been using this since you posted it. mike - it's fan-freaking-tastic.


This is amazing! I've only just tested it but can't wait to use it in my process. Thank you very, very much.


I'm clueless, I down loaded but I can't find where the action's folder is located in photoshop? Help!


does this app works on mac?


yeah it does its pretty sweet too Ill use this for when I get back into digital painting


thank youuuuuu (L)

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