Firenze :D i hope you like it :)

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Congrats on the print, this looks phenomenal.

Néhérénia profile pic Alumni

thanks so much i'm really happy :)


very nice!


wow, this could be an album cover!


Is there a girl figure in the structure just to the left of the dome?? Or am I imagining that?


Out of all the comments, I don't think anyone translated your explanation for the shirt back in '08:

"florence est la ville de la renaissance culturelle dans l'histoire, j'ai voulu representer la ville avec des arbes et des feuilles symbolisant la rennaissance de la nature"

From the little bit of spanish I know, does this mean, 'Florence is the city of the cultural renaissance throughout history. you tried to represent the city of trees and leaves that symbolize the Renaissance of nature'?

Was that the inspiration behind this design? Sorry if I butchered it.


Firenze! Grazie per questo disegno! Lo comprerò...


I bought this tee when you first uploaded the design back in 2008. It has travelled with me through 6 countries and it is still my favourite of all time. I will love it forever. Thank you.

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