My Vegetarian friend's visit

It's a re-submit of "My vegetarian friend's visit".

No hard outline, no gradient are use this time. And tried to make a better background for this sub.

Hope it's a better version, thanks!

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Hooray Monkey

It's a re-submit of "My vegetarian friend's visit".
No hard outline, no gradient are use this time. And tried to make a better background for this sub.

Hope it's a better version, thanks!


aww this is cute. if this was on a different color shirt i'd buy it


It's great on white.


I looooove it! I'm a vegetarian, and this is just too cute. I'd buy this in a heartbeat.


My girlfriend would totally dig this! You see we're both vegetarians! ahah! :D and sorta identify on this!

Good one! ;)

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

I love the expressions on their faces. This definitely happens more than once in the life of a vegetarian.


you captured the expressions perfectly. polar has the "vegetarians don't eat fish!? well wtf do you eat?!" and for once, the answer actually is "just salad" from panda.
lose the background entirely.


That is sooo cute! I would totally buy!

NomadSlim profile pic Alumni

This is really wonderful, there are so many panda and polar bear shirts printed though...

Hooray Monkey

Thanks for all the comments! Keep voting. :)


really great concept and design


I agree theres a lot of polar bear and panda bear stuff, but this is a really well executed idea! As a vegetarian I'd definitely buy it ;)


too adorable =) WELL DONE! $5


very very nice! i must have it!


I like it... but pandas actually aren't vegetarians. They just eat a lot of bamboo so it seems that way. They also eat fish, bugs, rodents, and carrion. So this would be a whole lot better if you used an animal that was actually an herbivore.


i'd buy it! $5

Hooray Monkey

:) Thanks for your comment, Notpoppies.

I got this information from website: "About 99% of the Giant Panda's food is bamboo", though it also eats grass, roots, plants and even meat.. But sometimes the "bamboo dies and the pandas starve". From there, they are actually vegetarian deep inside their mind. Just like us, when we are starve and nothing to eat, for sure we will eat whatever in front of us.

For more information about panda, check this out:

That's why we are not surprise that panda will have that expression and "request for bamboo". I chose polar and panda, because they are the higher chances to be a friend, " They are Bear". haha!

Anyway, that's the idea of this sub, i do hope you all are enjoy with it! If you love them, keep voting! :D

Hooray Monkey

This information from WWF official site.
Panda favorite food: bamboo shoots
Although the Giant Panda has the digestive system of a carnivore, "it is actually a herbivore", with 99% of its diet consisting of bamboo.

Thanks for all the comments! Cheer.


Got another vegetarian here, and I would definitely wear it! This is one of the only shirts I've seen that I would wear on white...I think any other background color would look unnatural...

Nice work :)


On something other than white so its visible

Hooray Monkey

I think i am bit too serious on the fact, lets forget about that and treat this as a story of a pure vegetarian's panda visit his polar friend.

Panda: May i have some.... bamboo please...?
Polar: Huh..?
Panda: I am sorry, i am a vegetarian since child, my grandpa told me vege. good for my health, so... i just don't take fishes.

:D Hope this story may make more fun on this sub!

Thanks for all the loves and comments from you all, no matter you are vegetarian or non vegetarian.

For vegetarian, i hope this design may help you to speak out your feeling if this happen to you when you visit your friend. For non vegetarian, i hope this design may cheer up your life and have some fun! Cheer~!

Art Dud

That polar bear is looking knda sexy in a " girl next door" kinda way. I like that your design makes it look like they are'not on a date but the viewer totally knows they are about to get busy!


i WOULD DEFINATELY BUY THIS SHIRT!! Love this version better and i love the expression on their face. $5555555555555555555555555555555555555555

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I think this design illustrates the feelings between many vegetarian and omnivore friends. The polar bear not realizing that the panda doesn't eat fish, and the Panda bear feeling kind of bad because he/she can't eat the food that the polar bear is offering, and suggesting something else. I have experienced this situation many times on the panda's side.

sweet. $5


this would be especially cool because threadless has a lot of "anti-vegetarian" designs already (tasty tasty murder, meat ..), so this would balance it nicely :)

ahhh I want it!


GREAT REWORK! $5 and I'll buy it in a heartbeat...


The concept was great to begin with. Nice rework!


im not a vegetarian. but i like this very much! i'd buy it.
i suggest maybe can put on grey? for those who dont like it on white. But white is the perfect!!


Wow this looks amazingly better than the last version, nice job! I can really see this being printed.


I love it before, and I love it still!!!


you should have put this in the loveĀ“s promo :)

myteemo profile pic Alumni

I can relate! Me being the polar bear.

Wonderful design =)


so much better now loving it lol i love the panda expresion


haha i love both expressions... they look sooo confused


Beautiful image and great concept!

Hooray Monkey

Thanks for all the comments and loving this! :)

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