I Got Another Whale

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it's so simple that i don't want to like it, but i do. a lot. damn you!


i love kitties, so i love this. :)


I love this. I actually liked the first one better, but people on here wouldnt know style if it bit them in balls. Keep on truckin.


I liked the first one better too. But this would make a nice series. Top notch work as always.


i love this design and im glad you put the grey option on this one! I hope they print this in adult size for me and kitty size for my lil buddy!

Alex Tree

I really like it on grey! it looks just like a cat I know.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

i love those new colors. $5

DaniellesGarden profile pic Alumni

I loved the original of this soo much. this is really good too of course. $5

olie! profile pic Alumni

I was really afraid that they wouldn't be able to print the other one because the image was too big; needless to say, it was probably my favorite Threadless submission I have seen on Threadless since I discovered the site and I would honestly buy that shirt if it got printed (which I say about VERY few shirts). Period. It sucks, but I really think the other one just looked way better, even if they aren't able to print it. The wrap-around is what made it really cool for me. Still nice attempt with this, though, good luck!

sonmi profile pic Alumni

oh man

this... is.. AWESOME. it looks great on the dark grey. please print this. this is my favorite sub of yours ever, flying mouse.

i just checked out the version olie mentioned, which i missed the first time around, and while that one would be awesome to have as well, i'm totally supportive of this one. PRINT!!!!


That's pretty awesome!

Andreas Mohacsy
Andreas Mohacsy profile pic Alumni

if they print this instead it's an abomination, the original might look cool on dark grey as well though!

BlameTheSuburbs profile pic Alumni

I like this one more actually. It'd look better on a shirt. Its bolder, more direct, less gimmicky.


great... i want both

$$$$$ money.

Bisparulz profile pic Alumni

Great, i prefer on grey. 5$

von Vismal

This is the first cat design I've like on Threadless. Nice work.


That whale is so edible looking, like a biscuit. It's awesome on grey, I'd buy it.

Kookaberry profile pic Alumni

I like the first one but if the size of the first one prevented it from being printed, then this is a worthy substitution. I like the addition of the blue for the whale.



You know, i was totally getting my folorn on the other day because i really wanted one of the cat-with-a-whale-in-it's-mouth tees and the first one didn't print. 5'd! $'d! print! stat!


The kitty returns! $5 although I'm still hoping the other gets printed. :)


on the grey! love your designs


looks like my meow, she could totally take on a small whale.
5 coz i'm way too fond of cats.

Mr. Eman

Even after trying to talk myself out of it, a 5 on grey. Is anyone else thinking of Edward Gorey looking at this ?
If I would offer any critique, shrink the graphic just a little OR shift it around the body of the tee to the right- it will help open the image up to the eye.


Print. Now. So lovely on grey.... i would live in it

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

i like the other version, but still give it a $5

i know very little about art
i know very little about art profile pic Alumni

You are sooo gooood...
The previous version is one of my favourite subs ever seen.
Now i'm adding another one to my fav list


This is a FAB design. I usually don't go for full prints, but this is cool! Grey, not white (actually I think lapis blue or red would be great)

valorandvellum profile pic Alumni

This is great!! Love the expression in the cat's eyes.

sonmi profile pic Alumni


please print this on grey when it is printed!!! i love the detail of the fur. wahh i love this.


I just spent the past few minutes bouncing back and forth
between this design and your previous cat/whale design
and I favor this design. Why? I like that this design avoids
bringing in Moby Dick (intentionally or not) due to color of
the whale. I can go either way with the wrap around print
of the cat walking or with the front print of the cat sitting.
Both do a fine job showing us the cat is massive. I prefer
the shirt to be a lighter grey than the dark grey in the
presentation to make it a little easier to see the cat.


you had a better model in the last version :)


Print it! Hooray!


add some eye colour to the cat?? just a thought.

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