Valentines For Him and Her

  • by slaterock
  • posted Jan 16, 2008

Valentines Designs for Him and Her, or Her and Him, however you want to look at it.

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yue kitty

i like them both a lot. but since i'm a girl i think ill have to go with the pink one

Hebby 101

To Commenter #1, I am not a stereotypical idiot, that would be you thinking that guys don't like hearts. Of course, I love the way that the skulls were done, and both designs are fabulous. But couldn't you put one design on front, and the other on back?
5 anyway


i like the front/back idea or maybe have one design glow in the dark to be revealed.

commenter 1- you're the idiot. it isn't idiotic to notice that this shirt is supporting what society says each gender should support. plus it's not that great.


Um...I like the guys version better. Why should I have to wear a pink shirt with a heart?


im a girl...and i was the HIM version...i hate pink and hearts and things like that.


I'd be interested to see the girlie design in the blacks, and the guy design in the pinks. Just to mix up the "stereotypes" a bit. Still, lovely work.

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