Valentines For Him and Her

  • by slaterock
  • posted Jan 16, 2008

Valentines Designs for Him and Her, or Her and Him, however you want to look at it.

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Ste7en profile pic Alumni

Great work. I'm sure you're going to get some comments about gender stereotypes, but those are going to be from stereotypical idiots. 5.


sweet! ive been waiting for this to go up! definite 5 from me



just kidding. skullz is kuul.


I like the guys' version way more than the girls. :/

I've never been a pink/hearts kind of girly girl.


glad I'm a girl ;)

(I think I might even prefer the guys' colors, but skulls are a big no-no for me)


i like the guy's version much better...
perhaps if you could work the designs into the same shirt it would work better.

Oh my gosh! I absolutely love both of them!


just when i couldn't take any more hearts or dish up a serving of both in one sub. sorry, not a fan. your illustration style is fantastic, and i love the bird/branch – i just wish there was some more original content.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

rpolich, I can appreciate your comment for sure! but, come valentines day, look around and tell me you don't see about a million hearts! Jus' representin' the holiday.

Ellsswhere profile pic Alumni

i stand by one of the comments on my p/n design, its not the subject matter or imagery, its about how its used and portrayed, this is deff. one of the better uses of these symbols.
that being said, i would buy the guys and maybe i can pay someone to be my girlfriend to wear the pink version 5$


i prefer the guys version (but would still want the soft girl T)

olie! profile pic Alumni

I'm lovin' the textures you used on both! But yeah like others have said it is kinda stereotypical of gender types. . .

slaterock profile pic Alumni

Now, is this stereotypical of gender types in that on valentines, generally a girl would want roses, and a guy would not? I guess I don't understand how this is misrepresenting anything...


Can they be on Buy One Get One Free so I cut them in half and have a magic double sided tshirt?

olie! profile pic Alumni

No, you're right you got the Valentine's feeling right on. I guess maybe it's more the idea of people wearing a shirt that revolves around a minor holiday and the stereotypes that particular holiday embodies is just my problem (since I personally don't know a whole lot of girls that would wear the girly tee).

But like I said I really love the textures, and the composition is really thought out. It's not bad at all design-wise by any means. . .
sorry. . . maybe I should have just not commented : 0 ?

slaterock profile pic Alumni

haha, no olie!, you're fine. It was just a holiday design, and I'm not expecting it to score well anyway. I'm just gonna let go of it and see what happens. I knew that it would bring up some feelings, so that's cool.


sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! i love the idea $5


WOW!!! These are RAD!!



i'd like both on 1 shirt

andyg profile pic Alumni

Really nice designs! 5$

Hi my name is

Sweet design. I like the feeling this has. $5


why skulls for him? Hearts are nice.


Valentine means death & bother for male?
But the design is cool i think.

Savage Companion

I like mattoids idea. if it wins I'm getting both, cutting them up and sewing it on a hoodie, cuz it's cold in February.

KDLIG profile pic Alumni

since i don't have a valentine, i'll go for the skullz $5

hogboy profile pic Alumni



Hu! Why do the guys get the cool raven/skull and girls get the pinky/heart? Me want skull raven T!


I would buy both of these shirts!



Love the Her! Pretty!!


I am afraid i realy dont like the whole segrigation thing - steriotypes a gogo- yuk. Please dont take this personally tho - they are good designs, its just the principle.


Swell. Cool idea. Great artwork!


i'd buy it if it was the cutesy heart bird on one side and the dark bird on the back. That's original.


I wonder why the "Her" shirt has to be pink with a heart, and the "Him" shirt black with a skull. Couldn't they be called "Yin and Yang" or "Love and Death" or whatever. Kinda annoying anyway.

slaterock profile pic Alumni

The love and death thing isn't a bad idea. But seriously, I want someone to go find statistics on this whole thing. How many men buy women girlie things on valentines day? I'm sure the percentage is pretty damn high. I don't think I'm doing anything sexist here.

mezo profile pic Alumni

I really like the guy's version but don't think the flow of the small skulls works like it does with the girl's hearts. Perhaps they'd work better if the skulls were facing different directions and not a straight on copy&paste. 4


they'd only be cool if you and a friend bought both and each wore one on the same day. otherwise it's kinda boring.


i like both

i'd buy the heart one and the skull one


Love the textured collage look. I'ld buy it.


Love the way you did these. Prefer the skulls though. 5

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