Mad Scientist Inside III

For those people who like to pretend they're a giant robot.

Watch this

For those people who like to pretend they're a giant robot.

von Vismal

Or who just like good artwork!


I love this to death.

olie! profile pic Alumni

Unfortunately Threadless has already printed a shirt just like this if you look at the archives which is a shame because I really love the way you did this, the execution is spot on, so I'm still gonna give you a 4


This is great, I love that mad scientist. Hope it gets printed!


Forgive me Olie!, but I went looking through the archives and couldn't find anything. Also, I'm sure that it must be acceptably different to the Threadless higher-ups, as the design did get approved. So we'll see.

olie! profile pic Alumni

Control Room

Yeah it's a bit of an older design, but I was just pointing it out. But Threadless won't decline something just because it's been done before, it just mean, y'know. . . it's been done before.
Like I said I personally really like yours a lot, I'm just pointing it out to you =)


damn...that's a shame.


Aw. He'd be controlling me, thats cute. $5


Honking huge $5!


This is great, who cares if the general idea has been done before. This deserves a print.


That's awesome.


This is better than Control Room.


Your evil genius is better.

Art Dud

I wonder if there is a release excrement lever in there $5. And as far as being done before...What has'nt been done before we all have to put or own spin on shit that been done a thousand times before. Just remember it's not what you do, it's how you do it.


much better than the old one. please print :)


Absolutely amazing! 5 from me.

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