Thats just scary

  • by underblu2
  • posted Jan 14, 2008

haha wow thats scary how much this shirt applies to me hahaha....i want it

Watch this

i just started skateboarding. im 19. this shirt is for me. plus- i look like the guy...
and i WOULD do that.


I'm pretty sure this shirt applies to my fiance WAY more. He has a degree in computer networking and administration (a suit and tie desk job) and has decided to work more for less money in order to follow his heart (a rather childish and whimsical ideal, in this day and age) order to become a fireman. No, I'm not even joking a little bit. He just finished fire academy and he's now working full time for a department in the Chicago suburbs.


So I bought him this shirt. because I don't think it could BE any more perfect.


I think my brother tryed to do that once and had a simmler results. But at least no firemen were involved.

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