How to catch sushi

  • by Radovich
  • posted Jan 14, 2008

How sushi is actually catched.

Watch this

How sushi is actually catched.


It's a cute idea =) I wish it were more obviously underwater. I didn't quite get the fishing aspect very quickly. I really like the rice falling out though!!


Sorry for the typo, I sent this in at 2 in the morning :P


why is the sushi attracted to the chinese food?
isnt sushi japanese?

morozco420 took the words right out of my mouth...I wouldn't buy it for that reason...the sushi wouldn't be attracted to the Chinese friend rice box...whatever the hell it is...

Just like Hollywood...let's use that Asian looking guy for this Asian part...sure he'll be Japanese, and have an Chinese accent, and be playing a Korean guy, but who really gives a rat's's all the same to us...oriental. Bleh.


'Political correctness' aside...very funny design. Too simple, needs a little more detailed or more of a setting. The bubbles I didn't like, and I could care less of the rice...maybe it's the fish's dream to be on's a shirt people!

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