Unfortunate Realization

  • by TheDood
  • posted Jan 13, 2008

wondering what people think of this design. thanks.

Watch this

wondering what people think of this design. thanks.


the idea is cute but what is the yellow thing... im guessing a sponge but its not extremely clear


I'm pretty sure he's just a square character.

I like it.


Maybe make the fire a bit more like fire. It looks kinda like a bad toupe.

quister profile pic Alumni

If you're on fire, stop drop and roll but not if you're a square-shaped being. lMAO. Maybe start the flames at the sides of his/her body, so you avoid the bad hair jokes. The top of any character will be considered the head and anything on top of it is therefore its hair. I like the fire, it's consistent with the drawing style and will probably be readily recognized as fire with an off-the-head placement. I might lose the stop sign because it has other meanings that are not related to your story here. I'd also lose the arrow, you don't need. And I might change help to "uh, oh!" but that's just me.

Anyway, very original style, nice idea, well done!


yeah it's just a square. i'll try the fire change thanks.


yeah i thought it was hair too. but its funny, yes. maybe more color in the speech/thought bubbles to balance out the first one having red in it.


new fire, how's it look?

i didn't want to re-do the whole thing so i just shaded the fire with orange.


I'm not sure how it could be mistaken for hair....

It grows... like flames do...

I think this is funny... It reminds me of a very clever comic strip... I don't know how I like it as a shirt... but it is worth submitting.


just subbed it, thanks for the help everyone.

againstbound profile pic Alumni

damn, i was just going to ask you to post a dark tee option as well, still looks pretty good on sand, good luck


this is cool.. but if it were on a shirt.. i thnk the text might have to be a bit bigger. also the characters could be larger. maybe spaced closer together..

and if people are still confusing the fire with hair.. maybe get some smoke coming from the fire.


That orange shading went a long way. I think "Help" could be changed to something else. I'm feeling uncreative right now, but play around with some other words, like, "panic," or something like that.

olie! profile pic Alumni

"shit" would be ideal, except for the curse word factor OH NOES

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