General Failure

Most controversial design of 2008?

fingers crossed =)

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This is really well done. Great color scheme. I think this may be your best one yet.

courtney pie

wow. that's a wonderful illustration


I think I like it!

beesneak profile pic Alumni

Very cool!


napoleon didnt fail, his army did :)


So who else is on this shirt? I recognize Napoleon, who no historian will tell you is a failure, and General Lee. But who else is on it? Is that supposed to be Mulan?!?!?


uh, mulan did not fail. she blew the huns up with fireworks.

Malcolm Man

Pretty cool. Some of the lines on the face are a little weird, but I'll five ya anyway.


It's Joan of Ark.
And Freud. I think.
And...Some other guy.
Wait, are they all French? Is that not Freud?

Malcolm Man

It is Joan of ark.

It is NOT Freud.

ha hah a


Maxist, I think one of the persons above is General E. Lee.
If so, then it's not only French people.
If not, then I'm a general failure too.

roadkill3d profile pic Alumni

lulz. good one.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

hint: one of them was forced to commit suicide after suspected involvement in a plot to kill the nations leader.


Rommell, Robert E. Lee, Napoleon, Joan of Arc


oh, yes, Rommell, i should have got that...nice job!


I spelled it wrong. Erwin Rommel aka "The Desert Fox"


ohhh, ok.

I thought is was playing off the 'French people lose wars frequently' stereotype.

Now i dont get it. Besides being burned at the stake, i though joan of arc succeeded. One of the earliest true feminists, right?

classicoke profile pic Alumni

but as a general, she lost, was captured and failed:

wikipedia; A skirmish on May 23, 1430 led to her capture. When she ordered a retreat, she assumed the place of honor as the last to leave the field. Burgundians surrounded the rear guard.

still, this isnt just a piece about failure. I was inspired by a kubrick documentary. the narrator said that kubrick was fascinated by napoleon and how a genious could fail. i was too and decided to make a shirt about great generals that, in the end, failed.

classicoke profile pic Alumni

point of interest: i originally planned to include hannibal barca but decided not to. dont remember exactly why. probably cause he would be very hard to identify to the untrained eye.


Someone thought it was Mulan.

I despair.

(Gorgeous design.)

dacat profile pic Alumni

The concept is good, the execution amazing $5


Ok, now that this is all sorted out, my only criticism is that Joan of arc doesn't fit in.

I'm glad that the others failed, whereas Joan of arc was doing something noble. I'm uncomfortable with the fact that you grouped heroes and villains of history together.

But that doesn't change the fact that this is a great design. It has certainly made me think, and it looks good, so it has done its job.


Brillant as always.


joan of arc napoleon and robert e lee.

who is the other guy?



God, I just died inside.

This design is fucking awesome, by the way.

the czar

Is it weird that I recognized Rommel right away? too much History Channel, perhaps

FRICKINAWESOME profile pic Alumni

I recognized Robert E Lee, Napolean and Joan of Arc right away, but not Rommel. Way to reverse worlds czar! lol. I really enjoy this design as it is filled to the brim with decadent detail , but thinking about a bestee for next year kinda turns me off. Don't design with awards in mind, do it for the love of the concept....and maybe the winnings that ensue a tiny bit. Nice one.

Bio-bot 9000
Bio-bot 9000 profile pic Alumni

I think it's still too soon to be making light of Joan of Arc. Have some sensitivity, people!

classicoke profile pic Alumni

FRICKINAWESOME: of course i didnt design with an award in mind. when i subbed i realized that this might be consider somewhat controversial but not very. it was a joke =)

Maxist: interpretations can never be wrong but the way i see is that history is written by the winners and their cause is usually recorded as the noblest. still i understand what you mean and perpahs you can take comfort in the fact that i decided to place her the center =)

bananaphone profile pic Alumni

rommel was brilliant, not a failure at all...


uncomfortable with the fact that heroes and villains are grouped together? this isn't a design about heroes and villains. it's a design that all of these people are generals, and are failures.

i'm not sure how that would make you uncomfortable.


Your detailing on this is excellent, classicoke -- but I think you could make a more interesting statement than "general failure." For some reason, the Dire Straight's song "Brothers in Arms" came to mind looking at this sub.

All those portrayed are still respected for their battle skills, irrespective if they won the cause they were fighting for -- which makes "general failure" an oversimplification.

(sorry, can't keep the history nerd in me under control :P)


Joan of Arc wasn't a general, and none of the others were 'failures' in any meaningful sense of the word. (But with regard to an earlier comment: None of these people were 'villains,' either.)


good design, but i have to agree, none of these were failures per se. they may have lost their last battle or been on the wrong side but are regarded as great tactitions

mike force

and there we have it. 5


It isn't so much controversial, it is more of a matter determining whose portrait is most appropriate and if they all really fit being put together in this portrait...such as, putting all the lunatic tyrants from WWII would be a nice sitting...Tojo, Stalin, Hitler, and Mussolini. I have to agree with manateebob, Lee and Rommel were on the losing sides, but Rommel was restrained by Hitler who was the real failure. Anywho, I would buy a tee with the WWII loonies on it...good concept...

OOH_OOH profile pic Alumni

very nice illustration.

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