One second...

teach me,please

i think this robot can do his best to jump,yeah i wish.

Watch this

i think this robot can do his best to jump,yeah i wish.


when i first saw it i thought they were playing wii

past tense of draw

i'm guessing the robot usually jumps around, cause it sure can't walk??? he should be able to jump it.

The Paper Crane
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I love the little figure!


I want a shirt with just the little guy! PLEASE!


I love the little figure.


I feel bad saying this but, much like people above, I think the little guy jumping would be a wicked shirt without the robot...


I agree with the last two commenters. The small figure by itself would be more appealing. (Frankly, the 'robot' is very strange and hard to figure out.)


I disagree with the little figure comments. This is a really lovely concept - at least it has attracted my attention. My only suggestion would be if it were to print on blue then to use navy ink - as the scarlet ink on pink works great but not the scarlet on blue. Yeah, I really like the illustration as a whole, it's very sweet IMO.

Shiv Katall

I like the little guy best myself, but It wouldn't be very cute if it was big on a shirt. Maybe a little guy on the corner of a shirt.


this makes me sad.
1) robot wanting to jump-rope = cute
2) robot will never be able to jump-rope
conclusion: sad ;(


lmao...excellent concept, nice design, good comment...

happy tofu

I like the idea, but it's hard to figure out. I loooove the little dude though!


thanks alot for your comments,thanks:)


thanks alot for your comments,thanks:)

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