a simple Samurai .

Watch this

Soo...I like the background more than the shirt...could you do something with that?

I guess I kinda like the guys with color!

Bio-bot 9000
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Great characters, but where's the concept?


the art of bushido: alone like a tiger in the jungle ^_^


No, no,no you got it all wrong. hehe
although i thank you for the comments,
It´s not meant to have colour.
I just used the Samurai you liked on the back, for the presentation.
It´s the simple Brush Strokes on the shirt drawin what i like.

juglar del zipa

bio-bot: do you really need a concept? it's just a beautiful illustration!


I like him.

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The art is cool, and I'll buy (nearly) anything Samurai.

That said, I'd like this more if it was a wrap-around design with another warrior on the back for this one to face off against.


Hey that´s actually a pretty good Idea.
nice one,nice one.
i´m so doin it!


Reminds me of Mulan characters.


Haha, that's what I thought too ^^^


I think the art is impeccable, it resembles a chinesse ink painting. The strength of the character is what it matters, you bet i'll wear it!!


makes me feel like Mulan :)

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No More Bento would slice this redneck samarai through and through in miliseconds flat! I agree with bio-bot, it needs more of a concept or needs color and additional illustration elements. I like the characters, now let's see what else you can do with them.


I prefer the background! =P

The Jolly Brewer

"Great characters, but where's the concept?"

Why does it need a concept? Just because it isn't punning or in some way 'clever' doesn't mean it's not worthy. Personally I'm getting fed up with all those kind of designs. This is great, simple and very wearable. Fi dollah sir!


I agree. I dig it. $5


Thank u people.
Althou I think the concept matters in some cases.
A goodlooking fun shirt doesn´t always have to have
a punch line, a joke, a gag
Wordplay, or a parody.


The guy sportin' it sure does look pissed. Still a cool shirt tho.


I really like it, but I wish there was more going on in it.


I like it... the background is fun too. Maybe another design with the
"simple samauri" and friends in the future :)

They look like something out of a French BD - nice pro comic books for the older crowd.


Yeah these are exactly the same designs form Mulan, I totally Ripped em off, and since samurai are ..CHINESE...
come on now, jus because i drew them on that style, and they are Asian warriors, doesnt mean you have to reference em. directly to the first thing you think of.


Eternal student: Yes! I´m thinkin about featuring em, on another t shirt.
thanks for the comments guys

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Interesting combination of a simple, beautiful sumi-e style landscape and a rough pen and ink caricature. The contrast between the grizzled, agitated samauri and the serenity and calm of the landscape is enough concept for me. Yin and yang, war and peace.
A bit subtle perhaps, but that's zen for you, never loud but still profound in its message.

Really nice work. You should purse this style and see where it takes you.

Good work


i like the background......

but i still like the shirt $4


"My dear Voters, I PROMISE YOU if you elect this shirt, hehe.
I will absolutely Do a series of them With the guys on the bg."


aahhh mulan. ^_^


Do the guys on the back first


i like the background characters. Maybe with a design of them on the bottom half of the shirt. and on the back bottom half of the shirt do the back of the characters.


i could consider that for a new shirt too. thanks bud


Cool shirt, simple but neato


sweet, sweet illustration. feels a little unfinished though...

The Jolly Brewer

It's not bad, but it should have done better. I think this is a great, clean design.

"I like the characters, now let's see what else you can do with them." I though this was a bit patronising, but unfortunately the way many voters think.

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